Far from being the simple and frivolous past time of young children, the 3rd Visionary Power of IMAGINATION is one of the most powerful tools we possess. When used properly, via the pathway of a conscious, coherent and directed mind, our Imagination has the potential to completely alter our world and the world around us.


As a true Visionary we understand that to Imagine – means to ‘Image with Power’. It is the power to image, picture, conceptualize, envision, dream. It means that we understand the true potential of our thoughts and words, and we know, that if we can learn to direct those energetic impulses with a certain degree of consciousness, clarity and focus, that the things we imagine, cultivate and nurture within ourselves, can and will come to fruition.


Young children excel at using their Imagination, and are deeply gifted at expanded vision and possibility. However they do not have the wisdom or power to direct that imagination in any sort of precise fashion, so their dreams and imaginings often remain unfulfilled. As we grow up, most of us are trained or shamed out of using our imagination in any sort of meaningful way, and by the time we reach adulthood, our tools of imagination have grown rusty and unfamiliar.

There are countless people in the world who have desires and imaginings for the future, but very few people have the Conscious WILL to make them come true. Desire is simply not enough to get the job done. WILL as it is channelled through our Higher Consciousness is a True Spiritual Power, it is not like most people think a power of the Personality. It is the energy we must cultivate and infuse into our imaginings, in order to bring them to being.

Our job as visionaries, who are now grown, is to reactivate the power of our Imagination in a meaningful way, and back it with CONSCIOUSNESS and WILL so we can serve our creativity, our passion and our determination to create the life and world of our dreams.



Shamans, Mystics and Visionaries for millennia have understood that reality is a projected feedback loop from our individual and collective mental imaginings. Those who deeply understood this principle cultivated the ability to structure and modify the shape of their reality (outer perceptions) by directing their imaginings (their inner perceptions)and funneling them through their consciousness in specific and precise ways. This mastery resulted in what would commonly be called miracles, synchronicities or coincidences. All of them sourced these miracles in their imagination before they became reality.

These people are not exceptional, or blessed or gifted, they simply understand the power of their imagination and how it can be used to partner with the creative power of the universal mind. This is a practice they deepen on a daily basis with consistency, dedication and discipline.

They understand as well that this Universal Mind has no opinion of whether your imaginings or desires for the future are noble or ignoble, sacred or profane, practical or fanciful. Nor does it judge the worthiness of the person or people using it; it operates simply as a feedback loop that reflects and expresses what is projected into it.

To begin to Master our Visionary power, we must deeply understand this principle, and know that we are the center point and the origination source of that reflection. The more deeply we understand it, the more we realize how important it is for us to take 100% responsibility for our own Imagination.

If we want to change the conditions in our external world (ie. money, health, relationships, career) we must first transform the imagery we are holding in our mind. If we do not like what we see or experience on the outside, we can alter those perceptions via our imagination, by creating new images on the inside. (Which is what is meant by the Alchemical saying ‘As Above/So Below – As Within/So Without.)

We fine tune this ability even further by doing our best to be sure it is guided and directed by our Soul or Higher Consciousness, this insures that it will serve us well and also allow us us to deepen and develop our other Spiritual powers.



One of the most important aspects of being a true Visionary is to take 100% responsibility for your imagination. Your inner landscape is yours and yours alone and in order for you to become proficient at developing your Visionary power, you must become meticulously responsible for its content.

What is the content of your inner perceptions? What are you feeding yourself … mentally? What are you saying? Thinking? Believing? Repeating? What internal pictures do you paint? What do you tell yourself about the world? What do you believe to be true? Who do you claim to be? Who is in charge of the things going on in your inside world? Are any of these perceptions valuable to you? Do they serve you? Are they in alignment with your highest good? Are they even yours? Are you sure? All of this content sources your imagination.

Who else do you listen to? Their imagination sources your imagination too … if you let them.

There is a line of people out the door, telling you what you should think, believe and expect. People who tell you what to imagine in regards to your health, your personal safety, the future of your finances and what you should be doing with your life. Many people are addicted to getting every opinion possible before making any sort of decision, but all that does is fill your mind with every body else’s imagination. This results in analysis paralysis and cultivates a murky and often toxic creative landscape.

The moment you become AWARE as an OBSERVER of your own habitual inner process, there is a shift of consciousness from that of your personality to that of your Higher Self … this Higher Self is the one we want to have doing our Imagining for us …. not our limited lower self and certainly no one else.

Kick every one of those opinions and external imaginings to the curb (and get your nose out of everyone else’s), get clear about what is going on within your own headspace, and start paying attention to your own voice of discernment, wisdom and inner vision. Decide what has true meaning and value for you and get rid of everything else.

(Discernment and Wisdom are two very powerful tools that every Visionary needs in his/her tool belt. If you are a person who NEEDS piles of data in order to make any sort of decision, ultimately even if you get every opinion out there, which is again (only the outcome of someone else’s imagination) ultimately any action you take will boil down to you. Save yourself some time – start sharpening your Discernment now)

When we give up responsibility and the choice of how we direct our inner imaginings, we give the power to OTHER people to determine our outcome and we accept them as our own. Group imagination and the thoughts of the collective (i.e.: media, politics, sports and entertainment) have a profound effect on the reality we reside in. Opinions and ideas from friends, families and our tribal/cultural structure also deeply influence the shape our lives and our world takes.

Call all of that power back to within yourself and become the Sovereign ruler of your own destiny!



As I mentioned earlier, children are great at imagining, but do not have the Power of Consciousness required to make those imaginings a reality. As grown Spiritual adventurers we have hopefully made it our practice to connect to and focus our Consciousness so we have more access to the creative power we require.

**As a very important side note! Personality (that is the things that make up our physical being-ness, habits, attitudes, beliefs) does NOT have the power to create. Personality should be considered our ‘Lower Self’ and as such does not have the power we need to solidify our visions into reality.

Consciousness DOES have the power to create. Our Consciousness, Higher Self, or Soul is constantly and continuously engaged with the Creative mind of the Universe and carries the very essence of the Creative Power. It is timeless, ageless, abundant, balanced, operates in the present moment and it is very powerful. It is a distinctly different aspect of our being than our personality … but this is the aspect we must connect to when using our Imagination.

Step #1 – Before engaging in any sort of Imagination/Creative play, we will need to quiet the chatter of our Lower Self/Lower Mind/ Personality. We do this by becoming the CONSCIOUS OBSERVER of the present moment. We pull all of our awareness and attention out of the past or the future and become the still and silent WITNESS of NOW.

How? When you sit down to begin your Imagining … bring all of your awareness into the present moment by OBSERVING everything that is happening now. Observe how your butt feels in the chair. Witness the sounds you hear around you. Notice your breathing. Recognize if you are having any sort of thoughts or opinions about anything. Do you notice any emotions? If there are any thoughts just notice them and let them pass like sailboats on a river. Watch, witness, observe … WITHOUT JUDGING ANY OF IT. Just watch. The more intently you observe, the more quickly and deeply you access consciousness.

(This PRESENT MOMENT awareness is the doorway through which CONSCIOUSNESS emerges) Be patient, the more deeply you observe, the greater the sense of Peace and Expansion you will notice. Stay present. Do not drift off into the ether. You will eventually notice a shift in energy, again, simply witness and observe it, but DO become aware of how it feels different to the energy you normally feel when you are coming from Lower Self or personality. It WILL feel different.

Step #2: Now from this place of heightened, present moment consciousness, start considering what it is YOU want to create. Imagine how YOU want your days to look. Imagine how YOU want to feel… About yourself. … About what you do with your time. Imagine yourself at your very best. Imagine all of your goodness oozing out of you.  Imagine your eyes bright, your mind clear, and your heart full. Imagine and embody all of that experience in the PRESENT MOMENT.

It IS. You ARE.

If you have a goal, imagine it completed. Whole, Done. Imagine yourself pleasantly pleased at the successful outcome. Imagine yourself healed. Imagine yourself satisfied. Imagine yourself at total peace. Declare the Imagined thing as an ‘always been, done deal’. Realize as well, that CONSCIOUSNESS IS COMPLETE. It lacks nothing, so if you are doing the imagining from this level of awareness, thing things you are imagining are already real to that level of mind. So the thoughts that you are generating from that level of awareness are TRUE. They aren’t beliefs. They are knowings.

If you notice questions popping up like ‘How is this going to work?’ or ‘This will never happen.’ etc, realize you have shifted back into personality … these questions cannot be answered by personality, so once again simply observe and witness the questions and let them pass.

If you don’t KNOW what you want to create, (which is more common than you might think, because your imagination has gotten rusty) … Simply engage with the present moment as indicated above and quietly ask yourself, as many times as necessary, ‘What do I want? What do I want? What do I want?’

Our imagination functions as a two way conversation within our reality – operating as a transmitter or projector when the ideas, questions and goals are generated from within us, and as a receiver, when our mind captures impressions, ideas and images that ‘SEEM’ to come from outside of us. (It is considered the Feminine aspect of the Creative process)

Imagination cannot be forced; it must be invited, so be gentle with yourself.

Eventually you will discover the answer. It will come from deep within. And it will be surprisingly simple. It will come from your Higher Self through your IMAGINATION. And it will be real for you. It may feel like you are making it up, Trust it anyway, build from there and allow your imagination to flow around that answer.


The skill of empowered Imagination requires some practice. You would be surprised at the level of energy that is needed at first to maintain a present moment awareness, but eventually, like anything else we practice, it gets easier and easier.

When we become proficient at operating from this level of expanded and elevated awareness, Our WILL combines with Divine WILL and our ability to realize our goals and dreams becomes amplified. THIS is what Albert Einstein meant when he said ‘You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.’

Our personalities have created the world we currently live in, if we imagine a better life and a better world for ourselves and others, we must elevate our WILL to activate that change. It can work no other way.

The energy of Consciousness backed by Spiritual WILL is direct, coherent, grounded and certain – like a laser beam. It is solid and peaceful and embodies a sense of KNOWING. Powerful KNOWING. When we KNOW something, then and only then, can it become real.

When we direct our IMAGINATION through the filter of our Higher Selves, we begin to KNOW our dreams and solidify them with our attention. That is when our desires become more than just childhood fantasies. When we become aware of our ability to train and direct our Spiritual WILL, we can use it to infuse our dreams with happiness, peace, joy and all of the other goodness that goes along with the WILL of the Highest Good. When we understand this – our Imagination will know no limits.

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