We are all gifted with a powerful life partner who is standing ready at a moments notice to tend to our deepest desires and support us in our loftiest goals. We all have connection with a level of mind that has the ability to guide us towards our highest good and greatest outcome.

Despite what many people think, we cannot, not be connected to our Intuition. We are all literally swimming in the intelligent, energetic field that supports all life. But if you are feeling a little ‘stuck’ in regards to your relationship with your Intuitive mind, instead of insisting that you are ‘lacking connection’ the thing to ask yourself instead is, ‘Am I engaged with it?’

In order to access our Intuitive mind so it can begin to serve our goals and desires, we must be engaged with it. In order to engage with it, we must ask it to join us as a partner in our life journey.


The definition of engage is:


occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention).

participate or become involved in.

(with reference to a part of a machine or engine) move into position so as to come into operation.


Just like a person who wants to ‘engage’ someone in a life partnership … they ‘pop the question’. If you want to marry someone, to become engaged in partnership with you, it usually benefits you to start that entire process by asking them first. Right?

‘Will you marry me? is usually the question most people ask in order to ‘activate an engagement’ with someone. And even if it isn’t a romantic relationship; partnerships of any kind, usually begin with someone asking another someone to join them.

Activating engagement or partnership with your Intuition is no different. If you want your Intuitive mind to become a powerful and potent partner with you so that you can both enjoy greater happiness, security and joy … you must ask it to be a part of your life.


Here are 5 powerful tips to Popping the Question and Engaging with your Intuition


#1. Invite your Intuition to partner with you.

 This may seem strangely simple, (and maybe a bit goofy) but the easiest way to begin to engage the power of your Intuitive mind is to ask it to.

That invitation might sound like …

 “Okay, Intuitive mind (Higher self, Higher Guidance, Spirit or Soul … or whatever you want to call it) – guide me today. Partner with me today so I can see the clearest path to my highest good and best outcome. I am open to see. I am willing to listen. And I am prepared to take action. Thanks in advance for your assistance.”

Do this daily and you WILL notice a change in your relationship with your Intuition.


 #2. Consider the quality of your guidance requests.

Once you have invited your Intuitive mind to partner with you, the level of consideration you place in the types of questions you ask of it moving forward should be an important one.

You want your partnership with your Intuitive self to be an empowered one. So ask empowered questions. Disempowered questions will result in disempowered guidance, which will result in a disempowered intuitive relationship.

Stop asking questions that begin with Why (is this happening) ? Or Will I? Should I? Or Could I?

When we are using our Intuition as a tool of Mastery, we are using it to guide us towards the things we are consciously CHOOSING to create. Masters of Intuition do not believe that life is a ‘crap shoot’. Should, Could or Will sets a foundation of uncertainty that is not going to support you in consciously creating your goals.

Because you are seeking guidance and/or direction you should ask questions that begin with What or How? These types of precise questions will give your Intuitive mind a target to focus on that will then feed back answers that give you directions about what action to take or decision to make.

Super Power Engagement question #1.

 How can I do things differently?

(This is a very powerful question that will serve you in all aspects of life … money, career, relationships, health or whatever) Whether you simply want to do something different in your life, or completely set yourself apart in your career or chosen field of work … in order to get different results, different rates of success or different outcomes it should be clear that you will need to do different things. Ask this question in the direction of your goals and prepare to be provided with ideas that ARE different, innovative, unique and new.

Notice as well, that the question is NOT, ‘How can I do things better?’ … Better is a subjective question that is based in the negative foundation that you are doing something wrong … better than what? Better than who? The level of mind that sources our Intuition embraces the wholeness of everything and has no concept of ‘better or worse’

Other powerful questions to get the engagement conversation started are …

  • What is the wisest choice for me to make at this time?
  • How can I have more time to do the things I love?
  • What would I do with my life, if I could do anything I wanted to?
  • How can I give my body the highest level of care? Nourishment? Love?
  • What is a pathway that is appropriate for me that I may be overlooking? Etc …

You can even modify your questions into a command … for example:

  • Show me the wisest choice to make at this time.
  • Give me direction in such a way that I will not miss its guidance.


#3. Expect to get an answer.

 Our Intuitive mind does not exist as some external guidance system that operates outside of us. It IS us. It is simply a HIGHER level of mind that at first operates so subtly we often don’t recognize it. So it cannot say ‘No’ to partnering with you … because it IS you. Expect that your Intuition will answer your questions and provide you with the guidance you seek. Then stay patiently, observant and aware to the subtle ways it says ‘Yes’ to you. You may need to be gently persistent to notice results, but eventually your efforts will be rewarded.


#4. Be willing to ‘play’ with your partner.

 When you initially begin to engage with the power of your Intuitive mind, I encourage you to intersperse your ‘serious/life changing’ questions with an equal smattering of playful/ non-serious requests. Sure, engage your partner to guide you to greater wealth, a healthier body, or other biggies like that, but be sure to throw some fun, light hearted playful requests in there as well.

Ask you Intuition to guide you toward simple things like a favorite animal, a particular favorite sports car or favorite color, chocolate chip cookies or whatever else is easy, pleasurable and meaningful for you. (That you don’t experience as a ‘given’ every day and that would be hard for you to ignore or miss)

You will be surprised at how quickly and effortlessly these playful requests are fulfilled. And once you begin to acknowledge the ease with which they are substantiated, a greater Intuitive confidence will be built and the ‘bigger things’ will then start to fall into place with the same amount of ease.


#5. Say Thanks.

 Every time you notice your Intuitive request being answered or responded to; notice it, acknowledge it and say ‘Thanks’. This positive feedback serves as an energetic cookie that rewards our Intuitive mind for its fabulous service and starts to strengthen the partnership so eventually it begins running on automatic. With consistency and focus, just like any great partnership, you and your Intuitive mind start to operate as a single unit, with little or no difference between ‘You’ and ‘It’.


A partnership made in Heaven.

 Intuition is the voice of our Soul, so the relationship we have with our Intuitive self is the true Soul mate relationship that everyone talks about. If you begin to engage with this part of yourself, just like you imagine you would with a physical Soul mate, you will notice the relationship you have with it becoming deeper, more passionate, more playful and much more magical; and as a result everything you experience together on the outside world will become magical as well.