Can you believe that we are rolling now into the last weeks of 2012? It feels like Time and Life are moving more quickly than ever and regardless of what you might believe about December 21, 2012 – it is powerfully apparent that some major upheaval is afoot.

On a global level we are experiencing a purge of tightly clenched energy that is revealing itself on all levels, both collectively and individually. The current political storms reflected in upcoming elections in the US, China and in other countries aligned, un-coincidentally with the recent environmental storm named Sandy – are setting people up to experience massive and perhaps never before considered change that will alter how life unfolds from this day forward.

Throughout 2012 I have heard countless people say that their lives on an intimate level are being cleared as relationships, careers, finances and destinies shift or are rocked apart- as an energetic storm surge does its best to remove anything that isn’t figuratively ‘tied down’.

So how do we navigate these times of ramped up chaos so that we can be secure in knowing that the choices we make and the actions we take are in our ultimate best interest? How can we know when it is best to move to higher ground, so we can move ahead of the storm instead of being washed away by it? Peace is the answer.

Now before you roll your eyes at me and think I have taken too solid a swig on some potent kool-aid, let me explain … I am NOT speaking here of a superficial idea of what people mean when they rally for world peace or political peace. Nor do I mean the hippie, mind-fog of the 60’s subculture who believed peace would be found in a drugged out stupor. Nor do I mean the current New Age idea that ‘Love is all there is and we are all one’. These cliched ideals of what Peace really is miss the mark.

Peace is a field of energy. It is the GROUND STATE of everything visible and invisible in nature and is the conduit through which all of the intelligence in the universe travels. It is the field of energy that directs the billions of stars in our galaxy and the billions of cells in our body. Without it we have NO access to health, well-being or our own higher wisdom or intuitive intelligence. It is NOT something we DO, or something we march for, or vote on – it is NOT something that can be ‘legislated’ or morally prescribed. That would be like trying to regulate the power of the sun. It is an active, subtle, yet POWERFUL state of being that we can and must cultivate and practice as we live our lives ~ especially now.

In mystical understandings; Peace holds the frequencies of ALL other higher vibrational energies. Similar to the scientific understanding that within the frequency of white light – the frequencies of ALL colors of the light spectrum are held. Peace holds within it the frequencies of Love, Abundance, Courage, Joy, Grace, Worthiness, Well-being and every other higher frequency attribute we all strive for. So as the energies of our time push us ever more quickly to our evolution, and the pieces of our old existence are washed away, knocking us into worry, anxiety and fear ~ PEACE will be the solid place you can count on to support you as you move forward.

At the beginning you will need the sheer force of your will to learn how to master it, but with practice it can become the ‘field you hang out in all the time.’

Come to PEACE with everything in your life. The percieved good and bad, the imagined right and wrong, the speculative mistakes and victories. Come to Peace with the things you have won and lost, with your successes and your failures and with your light and your dark side. They have all served you and they were all neccessary – none of it was wasted.

We have ALL chosen to be here during this spectacular time in history. When we can come to PEACE with this understanding and let go of the idea that we are somehow victims of the shifting winds of fate we can reclaim the power that is our birthright – and the rocks that we once used to fear being broken against will become the ones we climb up on to reach closer to our destiny.

Live your dreams! (in peace) Simone