Are you feeling a little (or a lot) stuck because you are having a tough time deciding what it is you really want? (to create, to heal, to build, to allow) Do you suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’ or are you afraid taking action on your dreams because you are wary of making a mistake and so are leaving it ‘up to the Universe’ to decide how your life is supposed to unfold?  (Watch the video below) These are common situations for many of us and this fear of making an empowered choice can result in our repeating old patterns that no longer serve us, move us forward or bring us any joy.

When you discover the creative force held in an empowered choice (no matter what it is) you activate the energy needed for your Intuition to serve you in very profound ways. Please click PLAY to see how THIS POWERFUL FIRST STEP is essential to you activating your deepest Intuitive intelligence.

Is there something that you are not allowing your self to do because you are afraid of making the wrong choice? Or have you had situations when you HAVE made an empowered choice and everything fell into place easily for you? I’d love to hear your story. Feel free to comment below.

Your dreams and desires are given to you to guide you to your Highest Good. When you choose to follow those desires with a sense of power, you can and will succeed with a level of ease, grace and joy that will truly blow your mind. But it is … and always has been … up to you.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing and being a part of my community.

Live your dreams.