We all have dreams, desires and goals that we hold in our hearts and minds that we wish we could bring to life, grand imaginings that feed our hearts and lift our Souls. Some of these visions are deeply personal and are generated to serve us as individuals and others are more vast in scope and are meant to serve a broader, perhaps even global audience.


Regardless of their size, every single dream or desire we posses, every VISION we have for the future is valid, worthy and possible. No one vision is more ‘viable or honorable’ than any other, as each is deeply personal and stems from our own individual evolutionary desire for growth and expansion. And whether we know it or not, we already have the innate mental and spiritual tools at our disposal, in order to generate not only the possibility of them being realized, but more meaningfully, the probability of them coming to fruition as well.


Our ability to literally and energetically FOCUS these tools can make the difference between simply dreaming about our future and actually creating it.




VISION is the ability to ‘see’, spiritually or otherwise. And POWER in the spiritual and material sense, is the ability to move energy.


VISIONARY POWER is the ability to support and infuse our visions, dreams and desires with the creative energy required to bring them into being and focus that energy precisely (yet elegantly) towards that goal. It is the ability to clearly and potently see something in our heart and mind, that has not yet been made manifest in the physical world and to know within ourselves that we have the ability to generate the ways and means of ‘making it real.’


These visions may be as practical as greater financial freedom, security and abundance, or a profound physical or emotional healing, all the way to greater global peace, compassion and awareness. No vision is too petty and none too grand.


But Vision, without focused Power behind it is impotent, sort of like sitting at the wheel of a very powerful race car, that doesn’t have a battery in it, wearing a blindfold.  We get nowhere – fast. Which if we do this often enough, begins to limit our ability to hold any joyful vision for the future. Maybe even completely obliterating our desire to dream, because we have never been successful at it before, so we figure .. ‘why bother?’


Visionary Power is supported by a team of attributes that are sourced TO us via Spiritual or Energetic means, but come THROUGH us via Mental or Thought based means. Each power plays a role in the equation with all aspects of our ‘Selves’ being a part of the puzzle … meaning that all three aspects of our selves (mental, spiritual and physical) are contributing to the outcome, if we know how to recognize them and take advantage of them when they do.


This team of attributes becomes empowered to serve our inner vision, when we learn how to direct them with precise clarity of focus, will and attention.


The ‘Five I’s of Visionary Power’ are …

#1. Inspiration

#2. Intention

#3. Imagination

#4. Intuition

#5. Innovation


We are going to delve deeply into the power of each of these five elements over the next few lessons, but first we need to have a starting point. A place to focus our energy … we need a VISION.




As a first step, please bring to heart and mind any visions or desires you may have for the future, allow yourself to be elevated by the possibilities, without limitation. Put your ‘rational, logical, linear thinking mind’ in a time out and allow the juices of your limitless Higher Self guide the exercise.


These visions can apply to your health, business, relationships, money, career or travel. They might involve a new car, a new residence or even a complete re-invention of your life and who you are in your life.


Feel free to take some time with your journal to write down any and all of the dreams and visions you hold for your future. You may feel stuck at first in allowing yourself to let your visions loose, so here are some questions you can ask yourself to assist you in getting the juices flowing as you write.

These questions are meant to activate a wave of energy on which your visions can be carried … so allow yourself the freedom to dive into the wave and let yourself PLAY!


#1. What would I LOVE to do/have/be if time/money/fear weren’t an issue?

#2. What would I do/be/have if I didn’t care what anyone said or thought about it/me?

#3. If I knew there was no way I could ‘screw it up, get it wrong, or fail’ what would I really enjoy being/doing/having?

#4. If I were 21 years old again and starting my life completely fresh again, what would I love to do with it?

#5. What would I love to be/do/have, just because I think it would be fabulous and I would really enjoy it?


Please do not overlook this step. Writing things down is a very powerful and palpable way of activating the Visionary process. It may seem trivial, but putting things on paper should be considered the first ‘physicalization’ of your vision.  Writing it down brings the thought that up until now, was just an energetic pulse in your mind, and isolates it, even if only slightly into physical matter … the written word on the page.


With this one simple action, you will have already begun to activate your ability to make the dreams you have stirring inside of you


Over the next few email installments I will be sharing with you how the above mentioned Five (I’s) are already an active part of your Vision for the future and how you can begin to recognize, amplify and direct them to serve you in the most profound way possible.


In the meantime, have fun bringing to mind your Visions for the future and writing them down. Then just consider these five energetic team-mates and see if you can recognize where they may already be serving you, or where you may have noticed them in the past, as they have operated in your life without your conscious focus. If you do recognize them having been active in the past without you even being aware of how they operate and can be guided by you …  can you imagine how powerful they might be, if you actually know what to with them?


So for now, to get the energy moving, give yourself complete and full permission to let your vision soar … remember at this point, you can’t fail right? Because its all just in your head. So go for it!


See you in the next installment! PS – If you would like to really get your Visionary Power activated, join me for my PARTNERING WITH THE UNIVERSE: Intuition Intensive Workshop in Salt Lake City. Check out details here:


‘When you learn how to see with your eyes closed, then you will know how to dream with your eyes open.’