Visionary Power Elixer Package

VPEP - 17

Visionary Power Elixer Package VPEP - 17


This powerful alchemical elixer package was designed to support the Visionary creative process of getting the dreams, desires and inspirations you see and feel in your minds eye, out of your head and heart and into the world. The process of shaping the non-physical, into the physical requires a stable foundation of energy, information and action that is well served and supported by a powerful herbal support team.

The creative manifestation process is built on 6 clear Visionary Powers: Inspiration, Intention, Imagination, Intuition, Innovation and Implementation. Starting at the completely non-physical, Inspired level of Higher Mind, then gradually descending into more dense levels of energy, mind and structure to eventually become physical action and then fruition - each level of creation plays an essential role in making the things you dream about into reality.

Consider this package to be Herbal support for your Spiritual Life.

6 Visionary Power Elixers - 1 oz each

#1. Inspiration Elixer: Receiving Wisdom & Goodness - supports your engagement with Source energy and your Higher Self so you can more readily perceive Divine inspiration and Creative impulses aligned with your Highest Good. *African Violet, Angelica, Echinacea Angusifolia, Gardenia

#2. Intention Elixer: Choosing Your Destiny - supports your ability to use your Conscious mind to actively acknowledge your Inspirations and use Intent to choose, decide and declare your path with courage and certainty. This amplifies your power of shaping singular potentials out of limitless ones. *Basil, Caper, Ginko, Yarrow

#3. Imagination Elixer: Activating your Inner Vision - supports your ability to shape manifestations by energizing your ability to craft visions amplified by great power. This amplifies your mental capacity and emotional balance required to infuse your vision with the sustained energy required to make it real. * Balm of Gilead, Lemongrass, Sage, Passion Flower

#4. Intuition Elixer: Advancing Guidance & Wisdom - supports and amplifies your psychic power linked to Divine forces of Wisdom, Understanding and Clarity. It supports mental focus and links you to good luck and synchronicity and amplifies prophetic dreams. *Cinnamon, Dandelion Leaf, Jasmine, Lemon Verbena

#5. Innovation Elixer: Crafting New Potentials - supports your ability to generate new and innovative ideas that shape new opportunities and outcomes for the future. It also supports the courage and clarity required to step into the unfamiliar situations essential to creating new realities. *Celery, Eyebright, Rosemary, Rose

#6. Implementation Elixer: Embodying the Future - supports the ability to take powerful and meaningful action with the full embodiment of your achieved goal already integrated into your awareness. It also assists in removing obstacles (real or imagined) and opens the door to a successful outcome. *Bergamot, Chicory, Devils Shoestring, Fennel

*All of these elixer blends are small batch, hand crafted and distilled by me, using a meticulous and detailed alchemical process. They are created around all natural, organic herbs that are seasonally, sustainably and consciously grown. Due to this level of care and craftsmanship, supplies are limited and may take a little while to be prepared. If there are any delays, I will let you know when you should expect your products to be delivered.

**all blends contain alcohol

***these blends are a part of an integrated whole package - not sold individually

SUGGESTED DOSAGE: Because these blends are especially potent, it is suggested you begin with 3 drops a day (each blend has its own day) then gradually work your way up to 7 drops per day. You can drop it directly into your mouth or into a glass of water.

DISCLAIMER: If on any type of medication, check with your health care provider before use. Do not combine herbal remedies with pharmaceutical drugs unless you have consulted your health practitioner. Keep out of reach of children and pets and avoid use during pregnancy or lactation.

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