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This pair of guided meditations are a part of the foundation of Intuitive development outlined in Simone's fabulous book - First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition. Included in this audio download are: Generating Coherence Meditation and Expanding Your Perceptions Meditations.

Supported by beautiful music, these energetic work outs are crucial to your Intuitive success and will assist you in fine tuning your Intuitive practice and enable you to put it to work to specifically suit your goals.

Separate from each meditation, Simone also includes an introduction and walk through of each exercise, so you know what to expect prior to each journey. She also explains the biological and energetic reasons behind why you are doing what you are doing, so you can enter the process from a grounded and confident foundation.

Included in this Audio Download:

#1. An Introduction to Generating Coherence (8:38)

#2. Generating Coherence Meditation: Establishing the platform of Peace (11:39)

#3. An Introduction to Expanding Perception (5:39)

#4. Expanding Perception Meditation: Moving Beyond Limits (19:27)

***NOTE: These meditations are also available as a part of the deluxe package of meditations featured in the Diamond Series Download.

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