Book 9: Generating Your Vision - Making Things Real

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BOOK 9: Generating Your Vision / Making Things Real

This book takes many of the Mystical tools developed in previous books to help us begin to create our reality in a Practical way. *What’s the point of having Spiritual tools if you can’t use them. Here we combine our Visionary Power, Engagement with Source, Empathy with our Goal and Implementation … to start bringing a specific goal, desire or outcome to life. We also touch on using Alchemy to break apart the limitations that pop up as we dive into creating a new reality.

Using Your Mystical Tools to Make Your Visions Real

This Book guides us through the Creative Process from Start to Finish. We learn how Spirit uses the Life Force of the Universe (which is not what you think it is) to shape reality. We discover the powerful combination of Thought and energy – and we learn how to shape Spirit (through creating a thought form) so we can further refine our ability to deliberately Create. Some review and deepening of previous principles and an amplification of putting the pieces together in a way that is meant to assist you in using your Mystical skills in PRACTICAL ways. Enjoy. ***THERE IS A SOUND BREAK AT 1:20:00 … it lasts about 60 seconds but I come back where it broke off.

Lessons in this Book:

#1. Using Your Mystical Power to make Your Visions Real

#2. Visioneering - Coaching Call

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