Book 13: Refining Divine & Sovereign Power

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BOOK 13: Refining Divine & Sovereign Power

In this Book we develop a deeper, refinement and amplification of our relationship with our 3 levels of mind. Self, Soul and Source now become a team that works together to serve our goals, visions and desires for the future. The understandings now are an exercise in subtlety and learning how to apply our consciousness in ways that cultivate greater self Trust, confidence and beneficial outcomes.

As we grow more precise in recognizing Truth our connection to Intuition and Divine Guidance becomes richer and more dependable. Our MIND is the foundation on which this fabulous partnership is built and is the key to our growth and transformation.

Refining Mind – Amplifying Self, Soul & Source for Greater Power

Our goal as Mystics is to combine our Personal Will and Mind with Divine Will and Mind, in order to do this, we must be sure all levels of mind are stable, balanced and coherent and we have neutralized fear and resistance so authentic Spiritual Power can elegantly flow.

This Book contains:

Lesson #1: Refining Divine & Sovereign Power - Lesson

Lesson #2: Refining Power - Coaching

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