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Survive & Thrive ~ Overcoming the end of your Relationship and Healing Completely for Yourself.

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You can turn one of the most devastating moments in your life, the loss of your relationship; into the most powerful opportunity of your life, a reunion with your deepest personal power.

You can pick up the pieces so that you can achieve the 'goal of the soul' and find a life filled with peace. You can find understanding so you can move on in your life with a heart filled with love, forgiveness and gratitude, instead of one filled with anger, bitterness and pain.

In Survive & Thrive ~ Overcoming the End of your relationship and Healing completely for yourself, Simone affirms that through our relationships and by looking within to connect to our own energetic resources, we learn the most about who we truly are and what our deepest beliefs are - to uncover a hidden and untapped source of healing.

Heal your heart, mind and soul to discover a life filled with more love and happiness than ever before.

Survive & Thrive shares Simone's 10 Soulstrategies that will move you from the hurt and pain over the end of your relationship and into a deeper understanding of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude.

Survive & Thrive reveals that it is never too late to heal. It is never too late to have a life that you truly desire and it is never to late to become the person you are truly meant to be, whether you are in a relationship or not.


by Simone Wright

Hardcover/225 pages

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