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First Intelligence Meditations: The Diamond Series: Audio Download

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First Intelligence Meditations: The Diamond Series

Designed to supplement the instruction found in First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intution, this deluxe series of guided meditations features 4 of Simone's most powerful meditations meant to assist, support and develop your Intuitive Intelligence and Creative power.

Simone also includes a brief introduction and walk through of each meditation which explains the biological and energetic reasons behind the activities included in the exercises, so you can engage in the process with a sense of certainty and purpose.

Included are the two introductions and meditations from the FOUNDATION Series, which are meant to empower and focus your Intuitive ability:

#1. Introduction to Generating Coherence (8:37)

#2. Generating Coherence Meditation: Establishing the Platform of Peace (11:38)

#3. Introduction to Expanding your Perception (5:36)

#4. Expanding Your Perception Meditation: Moving Beyond Limits (19:26)

and TWO additional meditations designed to amplify your creative strength and refine your manifesting power

#5. Introduction to Meeting Your Higher Self (9:33)

#6. Meeting Your Higher Self Meditation: Blending with Your Soul (14:28)

#7. Introduction to Creating In the Field (14:28)

#8. Creating In the Field Meditation: Making it Real (25:23)

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