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Audio Book 8 - Accessing our Powers: Using our Intuition

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BOOK 8: Being, Doing, Transforming (Accessing our Powers – Using our Intuition)

The more deeply we dive into our transformation, the more deliberately we can transform, create and shape our lives. One of the most powerful tools we have in our tool belt that grows through this process … is our Intuition. This book further refines our journey from limited Self to expanded Soul and our Wisdom grows as a direct result of that shift!

As we move further out of Self and into Soul we further refine our Gifts and Powers (one of the most important being our Intuition). Our authentic connection to Source energy comes online in a natural way, to begin to support and accelerate our transformation. With greater clarity and powerful peace, we have greater access to our Higher Wisdom and Guidance, so our Being can shape our Doing … and as a result, shape our Having.

Chapters in this Book:

#1. Mastering your Intuition - Part 1

#2. Mastering your Intuition - Part 2

#3. Mastering your Intuition - Part 3

#4. Mastering Being - Coaching Call

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