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Audio Book 7: Initiation - Creating the Perfected Self

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BOOK 7: Initiation – Creating the Perfected Self

Our ability to have greater access to Soul and Source energy comes from our ability to elegantly transform the aspects of our limited Self and personality so we become a clear and potent container, suitable to manage the authentic higher frequencies of Source energy. This Book reveals the 3 levels of our Human/Divine Nature and how we begin the initiation process to more profoundly move from Self to Soul.

Our journey as Mystics is to refine our BEING nature so we become more perfected and noble vessels through which Source energy can be used and directed to craft and create our lives.

Our ‘craft and art’ is to learn to express our authentic and true nature of our Higher Self so we can combine it with the power of Soul and the creative force of the universe.

Initiation when done properly brings us powerfully into alignment with the energies of creation, intuition, imagination, love and power.

The journey and the path from Self to Soul to Source energy is a deep, rich and meaningful adventure that calls growth, will and character forth from us. When we understand the traits of each level, we become more precise at identifying when we are aligned and when we are not … which leads to greater Mastery and Self Trust. There is no greater joy or power.

Initiation is our true purpose here – when that is taken care of – the rest of our lives and the world will take care of itself.

Chapters in this Book:

Lesson #1: The Path of Initiation - Moving from Self to Soul

Lesson #2: The Diagrams of Initiation

Lesson #3: Initiation: Coaching Call

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