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Audio Book 5: Building Your Spiritual Team - Working with Allies, Guides and Archetypes

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BOOK 5: BUILDING YOUR SPIRITUAL TEAM: Working with Allies, Guides and Archetypes

This Book helps you engage with deepest and most expanded parts of yourself to access Spirit to cultivate guidance, wisdom and support. Using the power of Engagement, you’ll learn to connect and communicate with your Guides and Spiritual allies.

As you deepen this profoundly personal and sacred connection you can enjoy and expect some wonderful things to appear! You are supported by Divine Wisdom in all ways!

Building Your Spiritual Team – Working with Allies, Guides and Archetypes

This module covers the process of building your Spiritual team and how to begin to engage with the elements of Higher nature that are there to support and guide you. This module includes the Spiritual Power of Engagement and the Alchemical tool of ‘The Ask’ – and walks you through the sacred process of working with the limitless potential of Spiritual Wisdom.

This Book includes:

Lesson #1: Building your Spiritual Team - Working with Guides and Allies

Lesson #2: Meeting Your Higher Self - Guided Meditation

Lesson #3: How to Engage with Spiritual Guidance

Lesson #4: 11 Tips to Meeting Your Spiritual Guides (Article)

Keywords: Spirit Guides, Intuitive Guidance, Higher Self , Divine Engagements

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