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Audio Book 4: The Divine Shadow - Navigating the Path of the Lightwalker

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There is no success on the Mystical path without engaging the power of the shadow. This book dives deep into the Divine Nature of that part of us that is so often rejected. Shadow offers us a realm of power, love, grace, joy and even humor if we know how to use it properly. This lesson reveals the Spiritual Power of Elimination/Illumination helping us realize more levels of Light.

Working with Divine Shadow – The Journey of the Light Walker.

This book is a super juicy one, Divine Shadow – The Journey of the Lightwalker. We spend so much time playing in the Light, this month we dive into the Shadows, which despite most New Age teachings are ripe with power, grace, wisdom and joy. IF we know how to work with them, integrate them and bring them home. As true MYSTICS and Spiritual Warriors, we understand there is NOTHING separate from the LIGHT – even the shadows. Do not fear – there is great love here, if you have the courage to see.

Keywords: Getting to Zero * Universal Mystical Truths * Integrating Shadow * Claiming all of Ourselves … and more

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