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Audio Book 23: Sacred Equinox - Spring & The Ultimate Path of Initiation

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BOOK 23: Sacred Equinox – Spring & the Ultimate Path of Initiation

This is a very powerful book, when using the doorway of Spring Equinox, we shift from the Masculine energies generated since Winter Solstice and settle into the powerful Feminine energies of a new season.

This shift provides us with greater ability to receive and perceive the fruits of our earlier planting – and we slowly but surely begin to ‘Reap what we have sown.’

We also take advantage of the Esoteric time of Initiation – also known as Easter – and discover the Mystical stages of discovering our Christed nature revealed during this time of year.We also, meet our own team of Disciple/Apostles and begin to develop a relationship with them to activate our Highest Being.

Sacred Equinox: The Power of Easter – Walking the Mystical Path of Initiation

In this module we move from the Masculine energies of the last 3 months and settle into the feminine energies activated by the Spring Equinox. We also discuss the powerful stages of the Initiation process depicted in the Mystical /Easter story of the Christ – and learn to apply it to our own stages of growth and evolution.

When we understand the processes involved and how to begin to use them, we start to develop greater power and courage on the Mystical journey.

***This call was recorded outside, you’ll hear why that was necessary on the call – so there is some wind and noise inherent as a part of the mobile recording. But the lesson is super powerful. Enjoy.

Guided Meditation: 12 around 1 – Activating your Team of Spiritual Powers

In this powerful Guided meditation we activate our own energetic team of 12 powers. All high Mystics have generated an awakening of their higher principles and powers (We may know them by different names: 12 disciples of Jesus, 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 signs of the Zodiac) … but whatever you may call them, they represent the entire circle of our Solar Power.

In this meditation we work as the individual in the center of this circle and generate a dynamic giving and receiving relationship through which Source energy and our connection to the divine is accelerated.

This Book contains:

Lesson #1: Sacred Equinox: The Power of Easter, Walking the Path of Initiation

Lesson #2: Activating Your Spiritual Team: The Power of 12 - Guided Meditation

Lesson #3: Divine Strength: Sacred Equinox - Coaching

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