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Audio Book 22: Welcoming the New Year - Accessing Soul(ar) Power Now

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The New Year takes shape as the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. There is much transformation in the air, some of it can be unsettling and cost us precious spiritual resources. Upgrading our understanding of Spiritual and Soul based power is essential to our ability to navigate with a greater sense of ease, focus and presence. The energies of this time call us to graduate from Spiritual kindergarten into greater mastery. This Book advances our Soul[ar] power and how to use the Alchemical Tool of NOW to usher in a greater refinement and stability – so we can create without distraction and move ahead without fear. Let's go kick some spiritual butt!!

As more and more potent energies begin to reveal themselves on the planet, it is our job as Mystics to begin to deliberately cultivate, amplify and channel our Spiritual POWER and bring it into the present moment.

A greater Spiritual maturity is being called forth from us – Soul POWER and the ability to access and direct our attention, focus and will – will determine how elegantly we navigate these coming days, weeks and months.

Activating Soul-ar POWER and the Zero point of NOW

This book reveals how we can begin to access and activate a more Spiritually mature relationship with our Soul[ar] Power and how we can focus it in the precise moment of NOW. There is an Alchemical process that begins to occur when consciousness is focused in the present moment – one that allows us to focus our energy with little to no energetic loss. Combining these two attributes makes us powerful Mystics indeed. (Our Spiritual POWER is a revisitation of POWER – our Alchemical Tool is – NOW)

Soulstrategies Article – Engaging your Soul[ar] Power – Becoming Spiritually Responsible

We lose power on a daily basis. There are things we experience in our present lives that make us vulnerable to energy loss – and there are many things from our past and worries about the future that do the same thing. This article invites you to review where you are ‘giving away’ or ‘losing’ your most potent energetic resources and cultivates some new ways of activating and engaging ways to re-charge your physical and Spiritual batteries.

This Book includes:

Lesson #1: Activating Soul(ar) Power and the Zero Point of NOW

Lesson #2: Engaging your Soul(ar) Power - Article

Lesson #3: A Mystical Perspective of the New Year

Lesson #4: Wealth, Power and Spirit of the New Year (Coaching)

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