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Audio Book 20: Creating Sacred Space - Creating Our Personal Geometry to Marry Heaven & Earth

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BOOK 20: CREATING SACRED SPACE – Creating our Personal Color & Geometry to Marry Heaven & Earth

This Book brings a bit of play to our adventure and bring some of what we have been doing thus far … into the physical.

Creating a powerful and personal Sacred Space, can be one of the most creative, joyful and expressive parts of the Mystical practice – allowing us to bring our unique tastes, styles and intuitive influences to the immediate world around us. Our living space.

Creating Sacred Space – Amplifying your Mystical Practice with Personal Sacred Color and Geometry

This module guides you through the fun and creative process of designing your unique and powerful sacred space. Using the power of color, the elements and sacred geometry we shape a physical environment that supports and amplifies our advancing spiritual environment. Clear, cleanse, color, shaping and anchoring all provide you with powerful energetic tools to help you combine Heaven and Earth!!!

Discovering Your Personal Geometry

This Book Includes:

Lesson #1: Creating Sacred Space: Amplifying Personal Geometry

Lesson #2: Discovering your Personal Geometry Article

Lesson #3: Your Personal Geometry Exercise (Coaching)

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