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Audio Book 2: Spiritual Wealth - Accessing All of your Resources (Double Volume)

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In this SUPER RICH Book we discuss the true meaning of Spiritual Wealth and learn how to navigate our relationship with it in all forms. Jam Packed with lots of lessons, this lesson reveals how we begin to shape our consciousness around the idea of Money. There is so much more to the equation than we have been taught.

As Lightworkers with a desire to create ‘higher good’ for ourselves, our loved ones and the world as a whole, our ability to bring our Mystical talent to our ability to generate wealth and have itself manifest as MONEY, prosperity and abundance is a very important skill we are well served to Master.

As Mystics it is important to understand the TRUE ENERGETIC SOURCE of our WEALTH, how it takes shape within our consciousness and how to use our Alchemical, Psychic and Creative muscles to channel that flow of energy into material outcomes that show up as financial prosperity and creative well being.

MAKING SOURCE YOUR CFO – Engaging with Source to Create Spiritual Wealth

This audio teaching module goes more deeply into the practice and understanding we developed in the introductory Video Module above. Here, engaging with Source to make it your ‘chief financial officer’ continues to amplify our personal creative Wealth generating power. This module is in two parts and runs about 45 minutes:

Psychic Exercises: Conditioning Your Creative Consciousness

Exercise 1 & 2: Breath and Thought Exercise and Creative Creating Exercise – These two Psychic exercises begin to condition your Mystical mind to be energized and directed to be deliberately creative. Click here to listen/ download: MMMAugust- PsychicExercises

Exercise 3: Intuitive Exercise for Spiritual Wealth

*Keywords: The Alchemy of Money * Deepening Your Money Relationships * Further Engagement of Source * Alchemical Transmutation * Combining Spiritual Will *The Ways that CONSCIOUSNESS talks Money … and more.

This Book Includes:

Lesson #1: Spiritual Wealth Mini Masterclass

Lesson #2: Generating Spiritual Wealth (Pt1)

Lesson #3: Generating Spiritual Wealth (Pt 2)

Lesson #4: Alchemical Lesson - Will

Lesson #5: Generating Spiritual Wealth - Guided Meditation

Lesson #6: Generating Spiritual Wealth Coaching 1

Lesson #7: Generating Spiritual Wealth Coaching 2

Lesson #8: Generating Spiritual Wealth - Psychic Power

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