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Audio Book 19: Breaking Psychic Set Points

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BOOK 19: Breaking Psychic Set Points

Set Points are deeply ingrained psychic and subconscious patterns that maintain the structure of our lives. They establish the limits of success, wealth, health, happiness and spiritual power – some can be beneficial, many are limiting. Especially when we begin to step into to power and start to amplify our levels of energy, awareness and creative focus.

Understanding how set points are established, why they are beneficial in some ways and how to break them apart when growth is required is crucial to our Mystical practice. This months module dives into a rich and profound Mystical ritual called ‘Breaking the Psychic Set Point’ – working in all three levels – Divine/ Astral and Physical.

Breaking Your Psychic Set Point – Releasing yourself from Limitations

This powerful module walks you through the Mystical ritual of releasing your Psychic set points. Understanding how and why they are set, how they serve us (and how they limit us when we make a decision for growth) is crucial to releasing them.

Included is a detailed walk through of the ritual, including the tools, timings and phrases required to make it work on all levels of Creation. ***Please print out the Soulstrategies document below to support you with the guide for the ritual.

The coaching call deeper into the aspects of Breaking Set Points – especially as to how to it helps us more readily access Soul and Source energy. We learn about the 3 levels of us (Personality/Lower Self – Soul/ Higher Self and Source/Divine energy) and why breaking Set Points give us the ability to purify ourselves to gain access to true wisdom.

This Book Includes:

Lesson #1: Breaking Your Psychic Set Points - Releasing Your Limitations

Lesson #2: Soulstrategies Article - Ritual Exercise

Lesson #3: Breaking Psychic Set Points - Coaching

Lesson #4: Shaping your Mystical Gifts - Coaching

Great questions as well about how to manage, transmute and release the energy that holds set points together! Lots of great new information!

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