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Audio Book 18: The Ultimate Alchemy - Blending Love & Fear

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BOOK 18: The Ultimate Alchemy – blending love & fear

This Book activates Mystical identity of The Lover whose element is Fire and we use it to dissolve the limitations that are activated by the work of our Visioning and Identity

This work is so important in helping us overcome the programs of our past conditioning, to pull the ‘weeds’ of our inherited Fears which cause us to delay or shut down our growth.

By combining elements of our Past and Future selves and merging the energies of Fear and Unconditional Love, we are able to balance and integrate our authentic power to generate momentum and movement on our path ahead

Generating Alchemy – Integrating Love & Fear to Create your Future

This powerful lesson walks you through an intimate understanding of what happens within consciousness as we accelerate our transformation process. By understanding the natural symptoms of our Spiritual work, we are able to transform the set backs into advances. Using the process of Alchemy, and combining the elements of Fear & Love, we are able to transmute our limits of the past and release the energy contained within them to propel us into the future. (In 2 parts)

The Book Includes:

Lesson #1: Generating Alchemy - Integrating Love & Fear to Shape your Future (Pt 1 and Pt 2)

Lesson #2: Opening the Gates of Courage - Using Fear and Love to Gain Mastery

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