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I’m glad you have decided to be a part of this exciting place to deepen and empower your Mystical skill and bring more Mystical beauty into your world. Each of these products and programs has been created with the utmost care to help you deepen and develop your Mystical Power and make it a part of your every day world. I know you’ll find something just right for you here. It’s an honor to be a part of your Spiritual Adventure. xo Simone

Audio Book 17: The Spiral of Transformation - Coming Full Circle

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BOOK 17: The Spiral of Transformation - Coming Full Circle

In this Book, we come full circle – but as in all Mystical practice, we are not the same as we were when we began. We are more sovereign, more integrated and more aware. In this module we return to our original intention of ‘becoming engaged with Source energy’ – but this time, we are more equal to it – as we remind ourselves again and again to come from the Soul.

This month also includes a powerful ‘Atlas of Emotions’ – commissioned by the Dalai Lama, that helps you continue to map your emotions and deepen your stability, balance and emotional power.

I’ve also included a brief resource library for you to continue your Mystical investigation and a new piece of beautiful meditation music to deepen your Peace and Power Practice.

The Mystical path is a rising and expanding spiral that brings us again and again to conditions in our lives, designed to support us in our growth and enlightenment. Each time we revisit the past, it is an opportunity for us to ask ourselves, ‘Who am I BEING in this moment? Self? or Soul?’

If we are conscious and remember the attributes of the Soul – the outcomes of that situation will change, and we will have altered our destiny and reshaped our Karmic patterns.

This Book reminds us of our Choice points and the power they contain, revisits our understanding of the creative equation of Energy + Information = Outcome and much more. It is a powerful reminder/ return of many of the principles we have developed over our many months together and helps you continue to deepen your Engagement with Source energy and the field of all wisdom

This Book Contains:

Lesson #1: The Spiral of Transformation - Lesson

Lesson #2: The Atlas of Emotion -

Lesson #3: Modern Mystics Resources

Lesson #4: The Spirit of Transformation - Coaching

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