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Audio Book 16: Returning to the Garden of Eden

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BOOK 16: Returning to the Garden of Eden


Every Mystic understands that the very life blood of the Universe is rooted in a story of electrical energy. Everything we see, sense and experience is shaped by the conversation of electrical charges.

The conversation between Matter and Spirit is also rooted in that reality – and the understanding of this massive power is symbolically hidden in one of the most potent Creation stories ever … the story of Adam and Eve and The Garden of Eden. When we understand the MYSTICAL and symbolic meanings of the story of how Spiritual Creative Energy becomes Physical Stuff, using the story of Electricity and not personality, then the story of Adam and Eve starts to make powerful and creative sense – and we are able to use it to tap into the very life blood of the Universe.

This is how we move with Greater Grace out of the limits of Self and into the limitlessness of Soul.

When we understand that this story of Creation is one of electricity, and how Spirit becomes Matter through that process – we as Mystics can begin to reverse engineer that process within ourselves, to become Master creators.

This powerful Book helps you more deeply understand the Spiritual principles that can amplify your ability to deliberately manifest your reality as the Divine Creator that you are.

This Book Contains:

Lesson #1: Tapping Into the Lifeblood of the Universe

Lesson #2: Returning to the Garden of Eden - Coaching Call

Bonus Module: The Hero's Journey - Lesson

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