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Audio Book 15: The Expanding Power Principle

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BOOK 15: The Expanding Power Principle

Our goal with our Mystical work is to always continue to amplify and refine our relationship with Power. Remember that Power for a Mystic means, ‘the ability to engage with, shape and direct Source energy using our consciousness.

Each time we prepare to ‘step up’ in Power, we must do a bit of fine tuning, tweaking and adjusting, so we are extra stable in our BEING nature when the amplification of Power happens.Think of it like the difference between learning to drive your Dad’s old car and then upgrading to a Super race car … YOU as the driver must be prepared to handle that amplification.

The Expanding Power Principle

One of the most exciting times in our Mystical adventure is recognizing the moment when we know we are ready for an upgrade or a step forward in our knowledge, understanding and management of our Spiritual Power.

This awareness of upgrade comes only when the Mystic has integrated all of the tools and understandings of the early stages of the journey. In this Book we discover 3 powerful tools of refinement, essential to serving our ability to manage greater levels of engagement with Power and how we can use the current status of the global chaos AND our own personal lives to continue that refinement.

Expansions in Power are our goal … but they must be handled properly so we can ride the waves of energy with Grace, Clarity and purpose … so we get where we want to go safely and with a lot of fun along the way. Enjoy.

Lessons in this Book:

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