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Audio Book 14: 8 Power Tools and 3 Psychic Exercises to Expand Perception

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BOOK 14: 8 Power Tools and 3 Psychic Exercises of Expanding Perception

This Book helps us deepen our ability to amplify our Intuitive, Clairvoyant and creative power by activating 8 meaningful tools.

These 8 Mystical concepts allow us to amplify the Mystical equation of Energy + Information = Outcome and shape it to more precisely influence our Creative / Manifesting processes. These elements include a refinement of Thought, Action, Speech and more.

This book also includes 3 Psychic exercises that help us deepen our Intuitive and Visionary Power.

We also deepen our understanding of how MEANING shapes our reality and how THAT power is completely in our hands.

This powerful coaching lesson helps us put all of the concepts of our 8 power tools of the Modern Mystic to work through the huge success stories of a World Champion Basketball player and a Billionaire author. We also deepen the understanding of the power of Language, Commitment and Clarity and how we get to use the power of Choice to establish a container for our future … come Hell or High water.

Great questions about shaping Meaning and how to use it to move us out of a challenging situation, how to shape a Declaration of Intention and much more.

This Book includes:

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