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Audio Book 12: Navigating your Life with your Soul - More Reality Creating

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BOOK 12: Navigating Your Life with Your Soul - More Reality Creating

How do we manage change? How do we Navigate the in between of the old and the new?. With an increase in distortion and shadow everywhere (both personally and collectively), these strange days can be a source of concern and worry. But if we know how to look at them, we can use these times to continue to deepen and refine our Initiatory practice of moving from Self to Soul and amplify the creative power that is carried there. This Book reveals the things we must remember in order to claim our Creative power, how to overcome suffering and begin to develop Heaven on Earth, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. If we stay aware, we can benefit from these days and use them to develop greater Mastery, Clarity and Courage.

This powerful Book helps us further understand the relationship that exists between our Soul and our Creative Power. We dive deep into further understanding about how we deliberately shape our reality, how to overcome suffering and struggle, how to check in with ourselves so we are aware of who is shaping our lives (Self or Soul). We also learn how to look out into the strange days of the current era and call our power back from it, so we can reclaim all of the energy we need to transform ourselves.

When we put the awake Soul in the Captains seat of our life journey, massive transformation takes shape and we are able to create Heaven on Earth, regardless of what is going on in the world around us. True Mystical power is carried in even the strangest of days … if we know how to see.

This Book Contains:

Lesson #1: Generating Reality

Lesson #3 : Navigating with the Soul - Coaching

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