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Audio Book 11: Generating Visionary Power and Identity

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BOOK 11: Generating Visionary Power & Identity

Our ability to partner with Source energy and access the informational field of the Universe, depends on our ability to shape our consciousness. This empowered shaping enables us to shape our reality like an ice cube tray determines the shape of the water that is frozen within it. Expanding upon the Mystical equation of Information + Energy = Reality, in this BOOK we use the equation of Vision + Identity to shape our future. Here we become the deliberate ‘stewards of our destiny’and like energetic farmers, plant strong seeds in the fertile ground of our consciousness to prepare us for great ‘reaping’ in the future.

Vision + Identity – Planting Seeds for our Future

In this Book we combine the two powerful aspects of Creation and Consciousness that are completely within our control. Vision and Identity. Expanding on the Bonus module of December, this module walks you through the process of breaking through limitations of “OLD” identities and deepens our ability to craft and shape the Exalted Identity that will serve as the container for our future dreams and visions. We will learn some cool tools and understandings that help us navigate the stages of transformation and amplify the energy of our new consciousness to become more clear conduits for the information and intelligence we need to guide our path forward.

Coaching Call: In this powerful lesson we unveil what happens when the Geometry of your new identity begins to merge with the identity of your former Self. This new connection will cause turbulence that often generates fear and anxiety and will sometimes cause the Mystical Adventurer to turn back on the path. If you understand what is happening during this process, your ability to overcome fear, and say ‘No’ to the patterns of your past conditioning, then moving ahead with greater speed, clarity and power becomes possible.

This Book Includes:

Lesson #1: Vision & Identity - Planting Seeds for our Future

Lesson #2: Vision & Identity - Guided Meditation

Lesson #3: Vision & Identity - Coaching

Bonus:Shaping a New Year / New Life - any time

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