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Audio Book 10: Cultivating Power - Generating the Real

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BOOK 10: Cultivating Power – Generating the Real

Power is the self determined ability to shape, move and direct Spiritual energy so we can create our outer reality in the ways we find beneficial. When we understand the authentic equation of Mystical creation and re-position our Power into its appropriate place within us – we are more deeply able to engage with Source energy and partner with it to shape our lives. The world in its current chaotic state is actually a powerfully learning tool for us as Mystics, to help us refine our relationship with Power so we can become authentic miracle makers and creative evolutionaries – thus we truly begin to reap what we sow. These are wonderful times for us to re-calibrate and re-cultivate our way into Mastery.

Cultivating Power – Shaping our Relationship with Source

One of the most powerful knowings of every Mystic is that our inner world, shapes our outer world and how we shape and maintain our levels of energy has direct influence on the shape our outer world takes. This rich lesson reveals a deep understanding of the current state of the world as a reflection of powerlessness and how we as mystics can identify where we may be losing energy and how we can deliberately call our power back into its rightful position so it can serve us in beneficial ways. We learn the difference between the mind of man and the mind of Nature, creation and manipulation and how we can more deliberately shape our reality without having to push, force or toil – empowering us to become deliberate creators from a greater place of peace, power and play.

This Book also includes 2 bonus Coaching Calls on Lunar ritual (for Full Moon) and Solar Ritual (for New Moon)

This Book contains:

Lesson #1: Cultivating Power

Lesson #2: Cultivating Power - Coaching

Bonus Lesson #1 – Releasing Limitation – Lunar Ritual

The Full Moon provides us an opportunity to release limitation and restriction. As an aspect of the Spiritual Power of Elimination – this powerful ritual helps us align our mystical team of Mind as reflected in Sun, Moon and Earth. This powerful coaching call reveals the equation of inner world being reflected in the outer world and learning how to take advantage of the celestial alignment to support us in releasing what no longer serves us to make room for that which we want to create for our future.

Bonus Lesson #2 – Generating Creation – Solar Ritual

The New Moon/ Solar Eclipse provides us with a wonderful alignment of the Mystical creative Triad. (Father, Mother, Child) (Sun, Earth, Moon) to assist us in generating deliberate creative outcomes. When we understand the Cosmic equation and insert our divine energy and Will into it, our ability to manifest and materialize our goals and desires becomes much more potent. This is a ritual that can be used during any new moon. (not only during Solar Eclipses)

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