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I’m glad you have decided to be a part of this exciting place to deepen and empower your Mystical skill and bring more Mystical beauty into your world. Each of these products and programs has been created with the utmost care to help you deepen and develop your Mystical Power and make it a part of your every day world. I know you’ll find something just right for you here. It’s an honor to be a part of your Spiritual Adventure. xo Simone

Audio Book 1. Mysticism 101 - Activating Spiritual Power

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IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU BEGIN WITH THIS BOOK before proceeding to other lessons. It will provide you with a strong foundational understanding of the how, what and why of your Mystical practice and includes several audio and guided meditation modules designed to get you going in the right direction in a clear and powerful way!

Mysticism 101 – Building the Foundation of your Spiritual Power

Lesson #1: Building Your Foundation: reveals the energetic platform of our Mystical practice and busts some myths about historic and new age spiritual teachings that limit our true Spiritual Power.

Lesson #2 : Spiritual Power Tools: This months Alchemical Tool is Awareness and our Spiritual Tool is Power itself, both crucial foundational elements to our Mystical practice. Without them, we cannot develop the Stability essential to our Mastery


Introduction to Mystical Meditation – Outlines the two types of Meditative practice we will be using and what to expect through each process.

Introduction to Mystical Meditation

#3. This module walks you through the Engaging Source meditation and provides a powerful exercise to train your power of inner vision. Click to listen. Engaging Source Meditation

#4. This CREATIVE meditation is your Spiritual Power Meditation that is meant to directly engage you specifically with the frequency of Spiritual Power. You may use it daily if you choose as a supplement to your Engaging Source Meditation. Click here to listen: Spiritual Power Meditation

Amplifying Engagement – Tips for Connecting with Source

#5.This article gives you all sorts of powerful tips and suggestions for making your Meditation practice more powerful. Including ways to break through resistance and ways to recognize engagement.

Keywords: * Mysticism 101 * Engaging Source * Spiritual Power * Alchemical Awareness * Deepening Engagement * and much more

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