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Audio BOOK 6: The A, B, C's of Modern Mysticism (Double Volume)

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BOOK 6: The A, B, C ‘s of Modern Mysticism (Double Volume)

There are many meaningful things that every Modern Mystic needs to keep in mind as they navigate their Spiritual adventure towards Mastery. This double volume guides you through the complete alphabet – A to Z of Mystical attributes and ideas that you are well served to remember. This is a fun romp through your Mystical practice and a beneficial way to remember the little details that make you a true Modern Mystic. Volume #1 covers A-M / (Awareness, Divine Self, Intuition, Fear, etc) Volume #2 N – Z. (Nous, Love, Power, Wisdom, Zeal ... and many more)

There is also a Soulstrategies Workbook for each module that will help you keep track and take notes and even come up with your own words to put into each letter category. Have fun. Think of it like going back to school! We are learning our Mystical A,B,C’s

In this Book - 6 Audio Lessons + 1 Workbook

#1. The A,B,C's of Modern Mysticism (A - G)

#2. The A,B,C's of Modern Mysticism (H - M)

#3. The A,B,C's of Modern Mysticism (N - S)

#4. The A,B,C's of Modern Mysticism (T - Z)

#5. The A,B,C's Workbook

#6. The A,B,C's Coaching Call #1

#7. The A,B,C's Coaching Call #2

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