Solstice – The Ultimate Polarity (Earth is Challenging for a Reason)

Today marks Solstice on our beautiful planet. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year, with exposure to the greatest amount of sunlight, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day of the year with exposure to the greatest amount of darkness.

Regardless of where you are on the planet, it is a sacred and special day that if you truly understand (as the Ancients did) can be used to benefit you in meaningful and powerful ways throughout the rest of the year.

Throughout history these special days have been marked by powerful ceremony with great temples built to harness the energy of the sun. These energetic rituals (performed by the High Initiates of the culture) were designed to influence the consciousness of the society that existed around them, which would then shape how the culture expressed itself. When guided properly, these expressions of consciousness would manifest themselves in elevated culture, high art, profound mystical understanding and peace.

These celebrations are of course, still practiced today – but to a large degree, the authentic meaning of them has been lost and so much of the power that can be cultivated has become limited.

But if you understand the Esoteric meaning of Solstice and how you can USE it, that authentic understanding is returned to you and you can begin to use it specifically in your own life, to refine and expand your creative power.

But before we do that, first we must have at least a basic understanding of a very important spiritual principle … The Principle of Polarity.



One of the most powerful Spiritual gifts one can attain, is that of ‘Translocation’ which means to be in two places/ or two stages/ or two levels of energy at the same time. Authentic Mystics who are deliberate Spiritual creators, take full advantage of this understanding and use it to their benefit in accessing creative power to shape their reality. But NOT in the way that has been taught or focused on in the New Age (ala: Law of Attraction / only Vibrating High)

All seven billion people on the planet are always in two places at once – but few are aware of it. Solstice marks this powerful reality as Earth and all of her inhabitants are in both the ultimate expression of light (the longest day) and the ultimate expression of darkness (the shortest day) at the same time. This moment in the calendar is a snapshot in time that reminds us of the power of POLARITY and how it is always in constant expression in our world.

Earth IS a POLARITY. In fact every CREATED thing is a POLARITY. Meaning everything we see or experience in our physical world/ everything that is MATERIAL (this includes our body, our thoughts and yes even our emotions) has an expression of opposites. Polar opposites. Light/Dark. Masculine/Feminine. Up/Down. Hot/Cold. Abundance/Lack. Love/Hate. Positive Electrical Charge/ Negative electrical charge. Even Matter and Spirit exist as polarities.

Each of these expressions are the SAME thing – that is, they exist on ONE scale – they only vary in degree. Light and dark are a measurement of ‘ILLUMINATION’. Hot and Cold are a measurement of ‘TEMPERATURE’. Masculine and Feminine are an expression of ‘GENDER’ … etc.

In our Earthly realm, these polarities, CANNOT – NOT exist. In ALL dimensional manifestations, that come out of the Creative energy of the Universe, in order for them to BE PHYSICALIZED, polarity MUST occur. There is no way around it.

In order for something to ‘manifest’ out of the ‘mind’ of  Source energy, it must split. (ie: the Masculine/Feminine as represented by the ‘Creation Story of Adam and Eve’) Where masculine and feminine ‘fell to earth’ (into polarity) – thus forgetting their origins of The Garden of Eden (non-polarity perfection/whole/complete perfected/ Source energy) and losing their power to be deliberate creators.

Polarized matter cannot create matter. Only Non Polarized SOURCE ENERGY can create material things. Physical matter is a RESULT. SOURCE Energy is a CAUSE. Physical matter is Polarized. SOURCE energy is not.

So in order for us to be ‘AT CAUSE’ in our lives and to begin to authentically engage with SOURCE ENERGY/CREATIVE POWER we must map, neutralize and integrate Polarity within ourselves.

How do we do this? By USING the challenges that the EARTH plane provides for us to begin to Master our own energy. It has been said many times, that the Earth is an advanced Spiritual school and that only the bravest of Souls sign up for it. Polarity is the reason.

When we incarnate here – it is POLARITY that refines us, shapes us, breaks us and wakes us up from our deep, forgetful dream of separation from our authentic Spiritual origins. Without the trials and tribulations, the swings from light to dark, from apparent good to apparent evil, there would be no refinement, no awakening and no evolution.

The Earth is harsh for a reason – we agreed to it, so we could remember who we really are.

Self exists WITHIN Polarity. Soul EMERGES OUT of it.



Another very important Principle in our Earthly dimension, is the Principle of Rhythm. Which to overly simplify means that ‘what swings to the left, will swing to the right’ – this principle of rhythm is expressed vividly on Solstice as the swing of longest day to shortest day moves from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere and back again. (it is also expressed in tides, seasons, climate change and earth changes)

Mystics and Masterful Spiritual adventurers know how to NEUTRALIZE this swing, to rise out of it and above it, so they can position themselves firmly in the CENTER POINT OF CREATIVE POWER. Like the pivot point at the top of a pendulum – that is immune to all of the action happening below it, but is the source of the action at the same time.

The Law of Attraction which tells us to ‘Vibrate High at all times’, forces us into an unattainable artificial polarity, that MUST swing back the other way. This is why so many people who are practicing the Law of Attraction are feeling stuck and exhausted. Not because they are doing anything wrong, but because they are unknowingly putting themselves into a very powerful Polarity that requires an intense amount of energy to maintain and that will eventually do what it is rhythmically supposed to do… swing back the other way.



So how do we begin to use the message of Solstice to regain our authentic creative, spiritual power?

#1. Realize that Polarity is a part of being Physical. That both sides of the Spectrum Light and Dark are a part of the whole and exist at the same time, all the time. The longest day and the shortest day are happening simultaneously. Your physical self is a polarized version of your Spiritual self – they are both a part of the same equation, the same moment in time and both are essential.

#2. The harshness AND beauty of Earth are here to refine us into a remembering of our authentic Spiritual origins. When ‘crap hits the fan’ it isn’t a punishment from the universe or a ‘Law of Attraction FAIL’ – it is an opportunity to refine and amplify our power.

#3. Stop trying to manipulate experiences by ‘polarizing them’ into thinking positively or vibrating high.

#4. When you experience a Polarizing experience (either positive or negative/good or bad), do NOT judge it, simply witness it the energies contained within that experience. Observe it, observe yourself within that experience, become aware of it as though you are watching a movie. Do not take any of it personally. Realize it is a part of your Initiation into Mastery.

#5. As you spend time WITNESSING/OBSERVING without judgement, you are bringing the awareness of higher consciousness (your Soul) into the equation, which begins to break apart the energetic structures that are held in that experience, thus freeing those energies up for you to then use and direct as you wish. (***This is the Highest form of Alchemy and Transmutation)

#6. The result of this Alchemical process is PEACE. (Scientists call this creative place Zero Point) Which is the center point of Polarity and is the door way to authentic Intuitive guidance, true Spiritual Wisdom and meaningful creative power.

#7. From this place of PEACE you can then ask meaningful questions for guidance and take meaningful action into growth.


As you become proficient at these practices, you begin to move out of the limitations of SELF and into the limitlessness of SOUL. You remain IN the world, but because you understand how it is structured, you are no longer a victim OF it.

With this understanding you begin to Master all elements of Polarity, neutralizing and integrating them so you can use the energy contained within them. Here you are immune to the unconscious rhythms of the rest of society and you reclaim your ability to authentically engage with the Creative Power of the Universe – and as the sun rises and sets on each new day, and in every Solstice to come, you will be reminded and remember your true mission here – to Remember Who You Are.

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