It is a powerful time here on our beautiful blue planet. As the Sun moves to its highest point in the Northern Hemisphere and is partnered with a full (or Rose) moon, the Earth and all of its inhabitants are being exposed to the ‘powerful influence’ of some pretty potent energies.


The Sun is far more than a light or energy Source. Alchemically speaking it is also a source of consciousness that carries wisdom, intelligence and power for those who are aware enough to sense it. This why for eons, this time of year is considered so special for so many people


Summer Solstice and its partner in Polarity, the Winter Solstice stand as a masculine/feminine, yin/yang partnership and depending on where you reside on the planet (north or southern hemisphere) the influences of this time of year, can be used and shaped in different ways. And if understood and used properly can be used to influence our ability to shape the very fabric of reality as we know it.


There are many great articles describing the Influence and meaning of Solstice  astrologically speaking and here are some links to them: 


But for our purposes as Alchemists working at this powerful time, I wanted to discuss the nature of INFLUENCE and why it is so important to our Mystical and Spiritual adventure and how our ability to direct our PERSONAL INFLUENCE is just as important to our lives as the Sun.



As Alchemists we recognize Influence as the ability to ‘shape light’. We use the tools of Awareness, Power and Will to generate a certain QUALITY of mindful directed energy that has the ability to alter our inner consciousness and as a result shape outer reality. Just like a master sculptor has the ability to shape clay into a work of Art, a skilled Alchemist can generate and direct their Influence and shape reality in such a way that they are known as Masters and Miracle makers.


Simple Definition of Influence: the power to change or affect someone or something: the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen
: a person or thing that affects someone or something in an important way


Full Definition of Influence. 

(Positive Polarity) 1
a; an ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans
 b; an emanation of unseen power held to derive from stars. 2: an emanation of spiritual or moral force. 3
a: the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command


(Negative Polarity) b:  corrupt interference with authority for personal gain. 4:  the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways :


You are the Creative Center of your own Universe. Your MIND influences everything you perceive, create, notice and experience within your Reality framework. Without YOUR consciousness and YOUR Influence, YOUR Universe would cease to BE. It is the same for each and every one of us who exists here.


Our shared or common realities occur when each of our individual realities overlap. These overlaps of Influence become collective, group, tribal, national and religious frameworks that can be shaped by 2 people or by billions of them. Influence shaping reality – shaping influence – constantly looping and folding back into itself; creating denser and denser (realer and realer) realities.


If the ‘tone’ of the predominant Influence is positive, the outcome will tend towards positive or ‘Life Affirming’ polarity. If the tone of the predominant Influence is negative, the outcome will tend towards the negative or Life Diminishing polarity. The more powerful tone – will shape the outcome. If we take a look at some of what is occurring around us these days, it becomes pretty obvious what the ‘tone’ of the foundational influences are.


Alchemists are aware of and understand this reality construct and so pay very little attention to the distorted, limited and often chaotic realities of others and pay great attention to their own field of INFLUENCE. And they are pristine about how they maintain and direct it.



In order to begin to become a powerful ‘INFLUENCER’ and become a Miracle worker in your own life, you need to adopt a few new ‘artistic’ habits:


#1. Keep your eyes on your own work.

Stop giving other people or situations the power to influence how you think, behave or feel. Realize that their reality is their reality and based on their lifelong habits of energetic behavior. What other people do, how they behave, what they create, what they post online or how they experience life is theirs to do with as they choose. If you engage with them in unnecessary and unaware ways, you WILL limit your ability to influence your own outcomes with any regularity or power. To put it simply – mind your own energetic business! Create YOUR Masterpiece FIRST.


#2. Choose your colors.

An Alchemist combines ART and SCIENCE. An artist deliberately CHOOSES the colors he or she puts into a painting. So too must you choose (deliberately) the energetic influences you want to have on display in your world.


Life, Joy, Ease, Happiness, Power, Grace, Flow, Care, Peace, Humor, Beauty, Nobility, Abundance, Courage are all powerful energetic INFLUENCES that can be used to color your Reality Masterpiece. Choose two or three of these influences and meditate on them daily. (Don’t choose more than that – because just like mixing too many colors of paint – the result will be muddy and you won’t get the results you desire)


After a few days of practicing and embodying these influences you should notice a shift in your own ‘being-ness’, with new ideas, attitudes and feelings taking shape as a result. Act on these new impressions – they are the result of your refinement.


#3. QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY

Mind and Consciousness are the energetic foundation of everything, but it is the QUALITY of Mind and Consciousness that determines whether we will be able to direct our Influence in any meaningful way.


As Alchemists we want to shift from the doing, anxiety ridden nature of EFFORT (which is different than ACTION by the way) … into the more efficient practice of INFLUENCE. (which by its very nature is more elegant, effective and enjoyable than any amount of  ‘grunt work’ will ever be.)


When we get really clear about the QUALITY of the energy we are generating an apply it to what we do, it gets easier and easier to fine tune and direct it in meaningful ways that result in our ability to consistently shape outcomes in ways that please and excite us.



We don’t have to look far to see a plethora of examples of people in the world who stand as ‘limiting influences’ and who for one karmic reason or another, take great pride in influencing others to become the lowest example of human experience we could possibly imagine.


The people who are influenced by these ‘LIMITERS’, who rise to follow or fight them, simply do not have the power or awareness to know that they have a choice in how they respond to the influence these people are putting out into the world.


Alchemists are deeply aware of that power of choice. Alchemists choose very clearly and very powerfully that THEY and THEY alone are the only influence that has any meaning in their world.  Through this understanding, they begin to deftly carve away all of the external influences and internal attitudes, beliefs, spells and histories that do not serve them. Eventually leaving a clear an open pathway through which true power and influence can flow.


So I invite you to use the powerful, influential energies carried within this Summer Solstice to support you in generating your own energetic influence to let go of what no longer serves you and to claim the authentic nature and power that does. Claiming your ability to align with the creative consciousness that generates the Light and Life of our world is a great way to begin.


Many of us on the Spiritual path have a desire to leave the world a bit better than we found it. That doesn’t happen by trying to change the world – it happens when we discover and claim our creative power and use it to transform ourselves into the beings we are inspired to be. Then and only then, will we have the ability to heal the world.


So decide. Who do you want to be? How do you want your Influence to take shape in the world? Then claim it. Become it. Live it. Eventually it will be reflected back to you. And you will see goodness in all things.