One of the most common questions I receive when teaching people how to develop and trust their Intuition is ‘How do I know if it is my Intuition speaking to me or if it is my wishful thinking, past programming or fear?’ This is a great question, because in order to have a powerful partnership with your Intuitive voice, and to be empowered to use it in ways that generate massive change, you need to have a deep and intimate understanding of how it communicates with you.

Your Intuition is the voice of your Highest Wisdom. Everyone has it! It is a level of consciousness (some call it Superconsciousness) that is beyond time and space, beyond ideas of past or present material conditions and beyond judgement of good or bad. I use the word ‘voice’ here loosely … your intuition may or may not communicate in words. It also communicates using feeling, vibration and just plain ‘knowing’. The definition of Intuition is – ‘Inner Knowing’.

The number ONE thing to know about your Intuition is that it is NOT based in Emotion and it communicates in a NEUTRAL fashion.

If there is one thing that drives me nuts, it is when people who do not have a true understanding of intuition tell us that it isn’t to be trusted because it is based in emotion. This could not be further from the truth. REAL Intuition is EMOTIONALLY NEUTRAL, meaning there is no ‘charge’ of opposites (right/wrong, fear/love, good/bad) because it stems from the highest level of intelligence that is unchangeable, immoveable and indestructible and BEYOND emotion.

It is the communication of Truth – and when truth IS … it simply IS. When something is wise, appropriate or TRUE for you … It will guide you by ‘saying’ – Go. Yes. Make the call. Time to move on. You are safe. Don’t marry him/her. etc. Without any drama or charge attached to it.

Where the drama comes in is when you get the information or the ‘hit’, you hear it clearly, and THEN as quick as thought, you become emotional, because the direction that comes triggers fear, or worry, or anxiety, because it requires you to DO something that you may not feel comfortable doing. The emotion comes from your RESPONSE to the intuitive wisdom, not from the wisdom itself. If your intuition says ‘it is time to get out of this relationship, or job, or lifestyle’ … your emotions get triggered because a whole slew of thoughts are attached to that trajectory. ‘If I do it, I will be alone, I will be homeless, I will fail … etc.. etc.’

Your Intuitive intelligence wants the best for you, the highest good for you, it guides you to the most expanded potential of yourself. It wants you to embrace the power of who it is you REALLY are (which is NOT the person you see in the mirror by the way) If you are living small, your intuition will guide you to live larger, if you are living scared, it will guide you to live courageously, if you are living in lack, it will lead you to make different choices that will provide you with abundance. All with your highest good in mind. Living intuitively requires a great deal of trust because it is not always comfortable, but real growth rarely is.

The wisdom of the universe speaks to you through your intuition and stems from the energy of expansion, evolution, passion, beauty, love, prosperity and creativity, guiding you ever further and with greater purpose TOWARDS Life. When you begin to recognize these attributes, become intimate with them, and learn to trust them, you and your Intuition will become an unstoppable team and more and more will your dreams become your reality.


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