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Personal Magick Summit

It was a great pleasure getting to share with you on the Personal Magick Summit.

You can download your Cultivating Your Vision and the Blessing of the Inner Sun/Exalted Self Meditation below. Both are designed to help you clarify and amplify your Visions for your future and deepen them into your consciousness so they can take shape in the outer world.

Listen to the audio class first to understand the process and prepare the work, then use the Guided meditation to help you plant the energetic seeds in the field of all possiblity. Enjoy.

Feel free to also take advantage of $100 OFF of my Personal Magick Online Masterclass **for a limited time only**


xo Simone

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Planting Your Vision Mini masterclass

by Simone Wright | Modern Mystics

Blessing of the Inner Sun /exalted self Meditation

by Simone Wright | Modern Mystics