Breaking the Curse of the Lightwalker

What Could you Create, if you felt Infinite?

Free Coaching Call / Monday, September 30/ 5 PM (PST)


As a person dedicated to advancing your Spiritual path and accelerating your Spiritual gifts, I know how important it is to you to continue to grow in the most powerful ways.

With the world changing more rapidly now than ever before, having a firm foundation in our true Mystical identity is crucial. This rooting in our Infinite Nature will give us greater Clarity, Wisdom and Power to shape our lives as we wish, during this era of massive transformation.

This coaching call is a ‘must do’ for anyone interested in connecting more deeply with their Infinite nature and learning how to partner with it to transform their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In this FREE Coaching Call you’ll learn:

*The traits of a Lightwalker and why understanding them is so important to generating Spiritual Power

*What the Curse of Forgetfulness is and how to start to break it

*How to begin to gain greater access to the Creative force of the Universe and start partnering with it

*Plus a LIVE Q&A to help you get even more Clarity

**Call will be recorded so you can access it on your schedule

 This is an awesome opportunity to get some fluff free, field tested, no nonsense, Mystical guidance. Join me.