A master sommelier can tell exactly where a wine comes from anywhere on the planet by using a very well trained set of expanded perceptions that allows him/her to sense the delicate essences contained within each sip. Subtle yet specific nuances identified by flavor, smell and sight are heightened to great precision thus empowering the taster to identify the wine to a precise location and year. (video below)

The ability to accurately identify perceptions gives the sommelier a power that seems to those who have not honed their ability to precisely perceive as ‘superhuman’. It isn’t superhuman. It’s simply fine tuning of an existing power we all possess.

Wine tasting is a wonderful way for us to develop our personal ESP. (EXPANDED SENSORY PERCEPTION) which results in our intuitive intelligence and connection to higher wisdom to expand as well.

The more you understand WHY you are doing something in your intuitive practice, the better the results you will get. Understanding the feelings, sensations and perceptions we experience from moment to moment, will help us identify with greater precision and clarity, those perceptions that are linked to our true Intuitive intelligence and those that aren’t. This ability to discern subtle differences can be what makes or breaks our ability to chose to take action in inspired and empowered ways that lead us to greater outcomes and higher levels of peace and happiness.

Check out today’s video to see how really tasting your favorite glass of wine, can help you access your intuitive brilliance. (and PLEASE drink responsibly) Cheers!