Thanksgiving is once again upon us here in the United States. In a couple of days we will gather with our family, friends and loved ones to enjoy a bountiful meal, tilt a glass to all of the things we are grateful for and hopefully be able to maintain that warm, fuzzy glow long enough to carry us home without too much travel angst or family drama fatigue.

As the countless scenes of festive gathering recently played out in my mind I began to wonder, if in all of those moments of reverie, there might be someone out there who would be taking a moment to announce their gratitude for the loss of their business or home. Or someone else who might be mentioning the appreciation they feel for the cancer they were recently diagnosed with; or if anyone else would be proposing a toast to the dissolution of their long-term relationship. I wondered if a scene like that were even possible.

I mean, sure it’s easy to celebrate all the things we WANT to have happen in our lives, but if things haven’t gone well for us this year, or last year or the last 10 years, would it be possible … could we be grateful for Life?


I made the decision this year to step out of the routine of obligatory celebration to spend some time with the Master of true wisdom and gratitude, and spend the day in the heart of Nature. A much needed ‘re-calibration’ seems to have more importance for me this year – as I am sure it does for you as well.

Nature invites us to let go of the ever-present ‘polarity of mind’, the part of us that judges good or bad, right or wrong, ethical or immoral and allows us to step into the true Heart of Appreciation. In Nature … Life simply IS. Wisdom thrives, beauty abounds and there is the energy of Appreciation everywhere.

That very same Wisdom lies within our own hearts as well, but it so often gets jammed up by our brain and our mind convincing us that Life as it is, isn’t good enough. Or the choices we made in the past weren’t smart enough, or the people in the world aren’t US enough, or we as who we are in this moment … aren’t something enough.

Within the ‘Heart of Nature’ there is no polarity – there is no battle of opposites – all things are blended, balanced and integrated back into the whole, which is the source of all creation.

If you take some time to observe nature without the overlay of the mind telling you it is good or bad you will begin to notice that nature can and does thrive in an ever renewing and evolving balance that is Life. And so too can we.

An acorn is broken open on the forest floor and the seeds are eaten by a mouse ~ and it is Life. The mouse is captured by a hawk and fed to the young fledglings in the nest ~ and it is Life. A lightening strike hits the tree that holds the nest ~ and it is Life. The forest burns to the ground clearing everything ~ and it is Life. A new forest grows, the animals return ~ and it is Life.

A breath of nature causes some event that changes everything as it has been known and creates a foundation for something new … and it is Life. Unfolding. Revealing. Renewing. Expanding. Evolving. Each small piece before, providing energetic source for everything to follow.

Nature holds no judgment either way when things happen. No gratitude OR condemnation. No thanks or regret. No good, no bad, no indifferent – just Life.


I invite you to take some time during this upcoming holiday weekend to get out in nature and quietly review all of the outcomes, situations, challenges, battles, victories and events that have been a part of your life. See if you can hold a space in your heart for all of them to simply exist without making them good or bad – but just allowing them to BE. Can you do the same thing with all of the perceived ‘GOOD’ in your life? Can you do it with all of the perceived ‘BAD’?

Spend some time releasing the polarities and watch and feel what happens in your heart. It will open in a way you may have never experienced before. Observe. Feel. Notice. And realize that this open nature is who you truly are ~ this place of being is the source of your greatest power.

It would be truly awesome to see if you could bring THIS energy into every event you participate in this holiday weekend and the days that follow; ESPECIALLY with family. Be aware of how you are able to navigate differently than you have in the past by allowing it all to unfold without judgment. When you can do this, you begin to truly see the beauty and fabulousness hidden within the personalities you call family and all the dynamics surrounding that system of Nature.

Our intent as Evolutionaries is to become balanced in Body, Mind AND Emotion – the path known in enlightenment circles as ‘The Middle Way’, a place of neutral yet potent power that opens our Intelligence to the highest Wisdom possible.

Try to maintain this Middle Way as often as you can, being gentle when you notice you have slipped back into the habitual polarity mindset of positive and negative. In this place of balance, your Evolutionary vision becomes clearer, your Intention becomes more energized and you are able to create more and more situations that you CAN appreciate. From here you can celebrate – like all of nature does when a new life is authentically empowered.

I wish you all well over the upcoming celebratory season and invite you join me in raising a toast  ~ “To LIFE”.