One of the most common questions I receive from people who are excited about developing their Intuitive intelligence is, “How do I know if the information I am getting that is telling me to stop or wait, is in fact from my intuition, or if it is my fear or past programming talking to me?”

This is a really important question, and one that is crucial to get clear about now, before you may need to have clarity about a real life situation somewhere down the road.

Intuition is the voice of our Soul as it speaks to us through our Higher Mind. It has very specific and precise identifying attributes that once we are familiar with, make it very easy to identify.

There are several important distinctions to make about the different ways in which intuition communicates and fear communicates. These distinctions fall into the ‘Precision’ category of the Intuition Triad – which guides us to become precise about our own recognition of our energetic landscape and how emotions like fear feel to us.

#1. Intuition is emotionally NEUTRAL.

The first understanding that must be made clear is that Intuition is NOT based in emotion. This is one of the most common and deeply toxic misconceptions about Intuition. Because our Intuition is sourced from our Higher Mind, which exists beyond time and space and beyond the egoic limitations of ‘right and wrong’ – it carries no emotional charge. Where we get confused is when we have an emotional response to the intuitive hit and believe it is coming from our Intuition.

#2. Intuitive impressions like STOP, GO or WAIT will have clear and recognizable feelings or sensations, but there will be no emotion behind them, either good or bad, positive or negative.

  • An intuitive direction that is guiding you to GO – should feel open, clear, solid and calm. There may be an impulse in your body to lean forward or lean into your action. When you contemplate your decision to act it should not feel like a big deal, with no bells and whistles, but rather it will feel like the next appropriate action to take.
  • An intuitive direction that is guiding you to WAIT – might feel like a slight field of pressure is preventing you from moving easily forward. Timing is very important to intuitive success, so when you are being instructed to wait, it might feel like an energetic arm is gently laying across you holding you back. While the impulse isn’t so strong to convince you to stop, you recognize something doesn’t feel right about taking action at this time.
  • An intuitive direction that is guiding you to STOP might feel like a complete energetic blockage and a limitation of forward momentum. When you try to push or force the issue, the energy you notice in your body feels pressurized and distorted. You become aware of this ‘off feeling’ every time you try to ignore the stop signal and you find you are using alot of energy and getting nowhere.

Notice in all of these descriptions there was no mention of any sort of emotion – it is all based in feeling/sensing/noticing … NOT emotion. Learning how to recognize how your intuition communicates in these situations will benefit you greatly in achieving intuitive success.

Now FEAR is a whole different story. Fear is an element of the Lower Mind which is hyper vigilant about maintaining the status quo; it judges the past and worries about the future. But what is so wonderful about FEAR is that it carries a very powerful identifying marker that makes it very easy for us to tell it apart from our Intuitive intelligence.

That marker IS EMOTION. Fear feels like CRAP. Fear feels awful. Fear hurts. And it says all sorts of nasty things to us.

Take a moment or two to reflect on those times when you have felt fearful and specifically identify how it takes energetic shape in your body. It has very clear fingerprints, that are often painfully obvious.

Those painful sensations serve a powerful purpose … they let us know that in any moment when we are feeling the sensation of fear, we are having a thought or entertaining a belief that is NOT in alignment with what our Intuition knows to be true. That crappy feeling is the signal meant to get our attention and to let us know that in that moment, our Lower Mind is feeding us a load of baloney that is intended to keep our old limited patterns intact. When we can make friends with our fear and learn to use it to start to break apart those limited belief patterns, eventually it begins to lose it’s power.

I invite you to take a few minutes and check out the video above. It will give you some very clear and precise ways to tell the difference between FEAR and Intuitive guidance and how you can begin to make friends with your Fear and empower your Intuition in the process.

Have you had moments when you could clearly recognize the difference between your Intuition and your fear? What was the situation? What was the outcome? I would love to hear your stories. Feel free to comment and share below.

Until next time …

Live your dreams.