So many of us, in this exact moment of time are finding ourselves in a situation where our ‘old lives’ seem to be coming apart, and a new but as of yet unknown dynamic is calling us to participate in its opportunities. Practically everybody I know … clients, friends, students and aquaintances are going through a major ‘Life Reboot’ and it has left most, if not all of them feeling quite uncomfortable.

For almost the last 12 months, I too have been experiencing the same discomfort as ALL of the remnants of a ‘former life’ have completely disappeared. And I do mean ALL remnants. Home. Lifestyle. Location. Way of earning an income. Relationships. Everything. Gone. Done.

New realities in all aspects gradually come in to fill the old spaces and a NEW life begins to take shape. For everyone I know, including myself, the challenge becomes being able to navigate the discomfort as everything we have ‘KNOWN’ falls away.

As I prepare to launch a major new part of my Teaching/Writing/Coaching/Soul Play path … which I believe will ultimately benefit you my readers AND myself in ways that at this point are incalculable; I have found myself feeling the ‘stop/start hesitation’ of stepping into something new, different and unknown.

As you know, a major part of my teaching is opening oneself up to one’s Higher Wisdom and trusting the KNOWING that whenever you need guidance, you WILL be provided with precisely what it is you need, from somewhere. Without fail. And you never know where that guidance will show up.

Just this morning as I prepared the first steps of the new chapter that is a part of my DNA; that truth was validated for me yet again, in one of my OWN teachings that I sent to you, my readers, over two years ago. The timing of the message was, as in all things … perfect … and because I know I am not alone in this massive time of change, shift, adjustment, rallying and newness … I thought I would share the message with you once again.

So here it is … Original Post date … July 12, 2010

“I remember when I was first starting out in my art career, some 15 years ago now… I had a conversation with a man in the wildlife art world who to me was a rockstar… The King… Elvis. His scope and talent as an artist and an entrepreneur was something that I admired, modeled and aspired to… he was and is to this day one of the best selling wildlife artists of all time. He has broken the rules, the traditions and the paradigms of an industry that looked at wildlife art as ‘amateur’ and as simply ‘glorified animal illustrations’; to change how the craft is perceived and appreciated world wide, by art lovers and critics alike. Over the last many years this man has become a valued friend and mentor.

I was brand new in the wildlife art world , I had never done a major show before. I was a woman in an industry dominated by men – a conservationist in an industry of hunters, I was presenting a medium never seen in the industry before and I was scared sh*tless. But I was following my heart and my passion – to be a professional and non starving artist who painted animals…. this was my mission.

I entered that first show, wide eyed and frightened… “What if no one likes my stuff?” I thought. “What if I am a big flop? And no one gets what I am trying to do here? What if I don’t sell a single thing?” The list of insecurity riddled questions went on forever.

I mustered up all the courage I had and introduced myself to John. After a brief conversation, John sensing my terror at that first show, said something to me that I will never forget… it was as though ‘The King’ himself, had whispered in my ear…

He said…”This world may seem foreign to you Simone and you might be a little freaked out by it all right now but your success is all a matter of your ability to be alright feeling uncomfortable. You may be blessed with great talent, but that will only take you so far. I don’t care if you are a writer, an artist, a bank robber or a mechanic, your success in life will be in proportion to your ability to tolerate discomfort.”

Truer words were never spoken.

We all have dreams, aspirations and desires for our futures – visions that will take us beyond what we know today and catapult us into a new and hopefully more brilliant reality. But in order for us to move into those new dreams, we must do new things, we must use new muscles, we must think different thoughts. Sometimes this newness will involve interacting with new people, pushing ourselves to do things we have never had the courage to do before, and being completely uncertain about the outcome or result. The only thing we can be certain of is, that we are going to feel uncomfortable.

No great or mighty tree grows to great heights without pushing through boundaries or extending itself beyond the original limits of it’s branches. It is the same for us.

I took John’s advice and worked in and through the discomfort for over a decade – to become the highest selling artist of my kind in the world. And I am grateful for the gifts that my craft has given me. In recent years though, despite my successes, I began to feel an uneasy ‘comfort’ move into my heart – there was no more challenge here. The growing had stopped.

New dreams began to introduce themselves and new pathways and career opportunities began to emerge – all of them carrying with them – a huge degree of the unknown and a massive dose of ‘discomfort’. Both, signs for me, that making the decision to change my direction and honor this new path was the right one. It has NOT been easy to navigate this discomfort and there have been times when I have slipped back into the known of the ‘old world’, but it never felt good for long. The NEW reality of the Soul called too loudly to be born.

Dream your dreams – they are yours to make come true. They have been given to you, so you may become a grander version of who you are now, a stronger, braver, more precise version of yourself. You will never know what you are truly capable of until you push beyond what you know of yourself, and because you don’t yet know that grander version… it will feel uncomfortable.

Revel in the discomfort. Seek it out… for if you are in that state, then you know you are growing. Remember that our desire to stay comfortable keeps us small and gives no room for new things to reveal themselves. Continue to dream, write, paint, dance, teach, sing, act, all the while working through the ache.. until it begins to feel comfortable… then push ahead even further…. reach for another boundary. And another… and another… until their are none left to conquer.

Eventually, this boundary breaking will become your new normal – and the former limits of fear and uncertainty will evaporate.. and the dream of your life will have become your reality. Then if you would like to – push again- and ‘dream bigger darling.'”

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Live your dreams!

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***Stay tuned for some AMAZING NEW things coming very soon – all created to help you to EVOLVE BEYOND LIFE AS USUAL!