One of THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS we have is our ability to CHOOSE – despite what the New Age tells us, the Universe will NOT randomly direct our lives into fabulousness without our conscious participation.

If you feel stuck or feel like you are lacking momentum, then you may want to investigate whether you have been using your power of CHOICE to shape your destiny, or if you have just been sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the Universe to figure it out for you.

If you are waiting for a ‘sign’ … chances are good you will continue to wait.

But if you are wanting to truly create your life in a way that brings you joy, then learning to exercise your POWER OF CHOICE will be the boost of momentum that you have been waiting for.

Our reality and everything we experience, is a reflection of our level of Consciousness. Which means that our lives do NOT come TO us, they come THROUGH US. When we CHOOSE what we really want to BE, DO AND HAVE and commit to it, no matter what, THAT is when the creative power of the Universe lines up to support us.

But if we do not exercise our Sovereign power of Choice, then we will feel like victims of fate, rather that authentic Masters of our own Destiny.


Think of it like this …

Your life is a map of the entire world. The possibilities as to where you can go on that map are limitless. You can go anywhere and do anything.

Your body is the car. It is the vehicle that you use to get you to your various destinations and support your activities while you are on the journey.

YOU / YOUR Mind/ Your Consciousness is the DRIVER. It makes the choices about where to go, when to start and what actions to take along the way.

If YOU do not put your hands on the wheel of your life – and CHOOSE where you want to go, then you will either spend the rest of your days, sitting in the driveway of life, feeling stuck or bored or you will be relegated to being a passenger on the journey and have your destiny determined by outer forces.

There is a powerful New Age Myth that we need to stop believing if we are going to reclaim our Creative Power …

There is no hidden secret purpose for your life, that the Universe (God/Creative Force) is keeping from you. There is no deep mysterious piece of a mystical puzzle, that if you could only discover, your life would make complete sense.
Source energy/Creative Force … whatever you want to call it, expresses itself through us – as us. So whatever WE want is an expression of that creative force. The more strongly we claim, commit and focus on that expression, the more energetic resources we gain as we align with the creative power that supports and nourishes all things. But WE must CHOOSE.

The Universe does not have an opinion about where you go, how long it takes you, or what you do along the way. It has no judgement about whether what you are doing is going to save the world, or only serve you. It does not withhold energy from you on any account. This is what is meant by the Mystical statement that says ‘The Mind of God is no respecter of persons.’

This powerful creative energy is available to anyone and everyone, if they know how to engage and direct it. (Yes, even a**holes can direct this energy) Our created reality and the energetic foundation that supports it, is merely a reflection of our consciousness and how we use it.

Our ability to CHOOSE is an aspect of Consciousness that must be activated in order for us to truly Master our lives.
CHOICE is a power given to us by the CONSCIOUS MIND. It is a part of SELF that provides us with ability to direct, select and intend the direction we want to go in and the things we want to create. It provides us with the ability to select a goal, dream or desire out of the field of all possibility and ‘cut it from the herd’ like an excellent cowboy can throw his rope around the head of one particular cow out of thousands and bring it towards him.

When we do not exercise empowered choice, and say, “I will just let the Universe decide,” we become victims of the conditioning that we inherited from our families and ancestors, or worse yet, we suffer the ‘law of averages’ that brings us the results that the rest of an un-conscious society experiences. This is the opposite of Mastery – and it is a guarantee that there will be no progress on the road from Self to Soul.



When Empowered Choice is activated – when a commitment is made to selecting a goal, dream, desire or outcome – THEN and only THEN will CLARITY come. Most people sit around waiting for some sign from the Universe that will bring them Clarity – but because they haven’t exercised conscious CHOICE, nothing happens. And so they wait, and wait, and wait.

Think of Empowered CHOICE as being like the address you enter into the GPS in your car. In order to receive guidance and direction, you must enter the destination first – THEN the guidance system can direct you. But not a moment before.

Once that choice has been made and entered, then step by step, moment by moment, guidance, clarity and momentum begin to emerge. The Conscious mind has given a direction to the Subconscious mind and now they are working together in a common goal. When this happens the creative force of the Universe, does line up to serve and support us, and we become more aligned with the flow that will generate movement and outcome.

Along the way, things may happen that slow the journey down … we may get a flat tire, experience a rain storm, or run out of gas. These obstacles are not ‘signs from the Universe’ telling us to abandon our journey, they are opportunities for us to Master and refine our consciousness and learn to take appropriate action. When stuff happens along the way, we can either play the victim and give up, or we claim our power and take action to correct the situation, always keeping our destination activated as we move ahead.

If powerful CHOICE has not been activated, it will be very easy to give up, turn around and return home when the going gets rough.

Choice leads to COMMITMENT. Commitment leads to CLARITY. Clarity leads to ACTION. Action leads to MOMENTUM. Momentum leads to OUTCOME. Repeat as necessary.




To begin to activate Momentum and begin to powerfully partner with the creative force that shapes all things – you must CHOOSE.

What do you want? Career wise? Money wise? Health wise? Relationship wise? Lifestyle wise? How do you want to spend your time? How do you want to spend your money? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? If your deepest desire could be granted … what would it be? If you could, BE, DO or HAVE anything you wish … what would it be.

WRITE IT DOWN in all of its juicy detail. You do not need to know HOW – that will come later. But you need to be clear about the WHAT.



When we plan, commit and set a date, we set things in motion. Our subconscious, intuitive mind comes on line to support us with guidance and direction. This is when the creative energy of the Universe begins to recognize our consciousness and we become aligned with the flow that will sustain us.

But you must COMMIT. Set a date to begin your journey. No turning back. No cancellations allowed. **Please note this is not a date about your arrival or completion – this is setting a date of beginning your commitment.

Do you want to write a book? Schedule time to write – starting when. Now? Plan for it – daily.
Do you want to get fit/lose weight? Schedule a time to exercise. Shop for healthy food. Starting now. Schedule it daily.
Do you want to grow a new business? Schedule time to plan/prepare and shape it – do it daily.

When you commit in this way – YOU are putting your hands on the steering wheel of your life and driving it! Only you can prevent you from taking the action. Only you can stop you from remaining committed when things slow down or go sideways. As you take these actions, you begin to ‘make the dream welcome’ (like preparing for a new baby) and eventually, over time, momentum is generated, courage is cultivated and experience and Mastery are developed.


Recognize the ways you sabotage yourself or talk yourself out of movement. Notice when you are using New Age euphemisms to justify your lack of action. (Things like, ‘Oh this is challenging, The Universe must not want me to do it.’ or ‘I’m not feeling it, I’m just going to let the Universe bring it to me.’ etc)

**Just so you know, we ALL do it. But it is important to know when you are being lazy or talking yourself out of moving ahead because a trigger has been activated, or you are genuinely resting to regenerate and recuperate from an extended period of activity.

What are the ‘triggers’ that stop you from being in the flow, or that frighten you into turning the car around?
Spend some time with these thought forms and begin to challenge them so they are no longer the energies that are driving your car. For awhile, there may be a bit of a power struggle as you regain your control of your Will and Determination. It doesn’t need to be a big deal – but it will be an important piece of the puzzle as you recognize the patterns that have restricted you in the past.

These subconscious patterns of fear or uncertainty are remnants of your past conditioning that need to be transmuted and released. Acknowledge them, but do not allow them to shut you down. See them, bless them and continue to take steps forward. (even if only small ones)

As you begin to deepen and empower your CHOICE, new energy, guidance, support and direction will begin to flow – but it won’t be because The Universe has just randomly stepped in … it will be because YOU have made a powerful decision to determine your destiny and claim Mastery over your own life.

When you make that kind of commitment to your own power – the Universe can’t help but align with you – helping to make your goal far more of a reality, than it has ever been before.