The Science & Spirit of Intuition

First Intelligence

Using your Intuition to Shape your Future

Free Webinar / Thursday, April 4 @ / 4 PM (PST)


Learning how to properly use our Intuition is more important now than ever before. If you’ve been wanting to use Spiritual principles and Intuitive guidance to shape your future, but are feeling a bit stuck or confused, then this Webinar is for you.

As a Mystical teacher who has used my Intuition to assist law enforcement with investigations and missing childrens’ cases – and to create success in  my own life,  I invite you to join me for a power packed, no fluff, 60 minutes designed to help you generate your own Intuitive power to start deliberately shaping your future.

This webinar is a ‘must do’ for anyone interested in energizing and directing their Intuition to create greater levels of success in any area of life.

In this all new training you’ll learn:

*What most people think they need to do to access their Intuition – that you need to stop doing immediately

*What the 3 elements are of generating your Intuitive power and why knowing them is critical

*The most powerful thing to know about getting your Intuition to be consistently accurate

*Plus a LIVE Q&A to help you get even more Clarity

 This is an awesome opportunity to get some powerful, field tested, no nonsense, success generating guidance. Join me.