A Mystical Humpty Dumpty.

When we are working Mystically to shape spiritual energy into physical stuff – our levels of BEING and consciousness are the container that gives that energy form. Sort of like an ice cube tray shapes an ice cube. 

If our container is out of balance, cracked or in opposition to itself in any way – we could call it ‘being out of Integrity.’ This imbalance makes it almost impossible to deliberately and consciously shape our reality.

In this episode, we talk with Cintia, who is wanting to create meaningful outcomes in her life, but gets stuck in patterns of inner and outer judgement that keep her from truly accessing all of her Mystical power.

Join us as we chat about how to Integrate all of our rejected parts in kind and compassionate ways so we are no longer broken within – and can then use that power to shape our lives.

Ep 07 - I is for Integration: Putting yourself together for maximum Spiritual power

by Simone Wright

In this Episode We Chat about: 

  • How to reduce resistance so we gain greater access to Spiritual Power
  • Why Integration is essential to our Creative success
  • How to let go of the idea that ‘the world needs saving’ … and why.
  • How to be a creative Spiritual Warrior that cultivates Stability in the world
  • How to take advantage of your past

… and much more