Tomorrow marks inauguration day here in the United States, where one of the most polarizing figures in history will be sworn in as the 45th President.

The weeks and months since the election have seen many in this country and around the world, shaking their heads and sometimes shaking in their boots with confusion, fear and consternation about what we might expect from the next 4 years.

Mr. Trump is like nothing the world has ever seen in a U.S. president; brash, unlikeable and politically incorrect, and if we get even more direct about it, he appears to be dangerous, un-ethical and malevolent. Not even the most disliked presidents of the past can measure up to this figure-head whose temperament is so un-refined and even, some might say – grotesque.

But this post is not about politics or why Mr. Trump is bad for the future of the world, but rather, why from a Mystical and evolutionary perspective, he just might be good for it.


The Guardian of the Threshold

In every heroic, mystical or spiritual journey that carves a path from lower consciousness to higher consciousness, or limited light into exalted light – there are challenges along the way. These tests and initiations are meant to call the traveler into richer and more poignant levels of consciousness, courage, commitment and character and there are many of them. Some more profoundly difficult than others.

And just as it is before every great leap in evolution, right before the breakthrough that would propel the journeyman into the greatest light, the hero always faces a seemingly unsurmountable setback. One that threatens to catapult him back to the beginning of the journey (at best) or completely destroy him (at worst).

This point of major transformation and ultimate point of no return is called The Threshold. It marks the moment in every transformative journey where the hero must face the things he most fears and call forward all of himself, his light AND his dark, to be able to move ahead in any meaningful way. This Threshold defines supreme advancement and mystical success and it must be crossed in order for the hero to meet his ultimate goal of transformation, evolution and enlightenment.

This Threshold is always guarded by a gatekeeper – a person or being who will challenge, block and even threaten our hero. Often times this ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ is ugly, grotesque and vile, making it almost impossible for the hero to even look at it, let alone overcome it. It embodies everything the hero hates, judges and fears; it mocks, demeans and diminishes all that is good and hopeful and stirs up all of the self-doubt, limitation and unworthiness that the hero has buried and locked away in the hidden shadows of his psyche.

This Guardian of the Threshold, while frightening and forbidding is essential to the true evolution and completion of The Journey and holds the key to the ultimate redemption of the hero.

For, in order to overcome it and cross the Threshold into the next stage of the Spiritual adventure, the hero must hold his torch of light high and shine it boldly forward into the darkness and directly into the face of The Guardian. The amount of courage and character required to lift this light is immeasurable and cannot be accessed through ease, nor can it be tapped into when the road is lined with those who bless the path.

The ability to access this alchemical power to transform Spiritual Lead into Spiritual Gold can only be realized when we stand in the heat of our greatest fears and the realities of our darkest shadows and summon all the strength we have to face them.

When the hero directs his bright light into the grotesque face of the Guardian he sees all that he fears, all that he hates and judges, and all that he has buried, resisted and suppressed. He sees every shade of shadow and darkness possible – and without flinching or backing away, he courageously faces it.

If he remains steady and consistent in his witnessing, without turning away – he will notice a stunning transformation occurring. In the fixed view of the light, the Guardian begins to change, and the hero soon notices that he is not standing face to face with a demonic gargoyle, but that he is standing face to face with himself. It is at this point when light and dark, seen and unseen are merged and our hero, through the process of Alchemy becomes an elevation and refinement of himself.

This refinement would impossible without The Guardian at the Threshold.


Donald Trump is that Guardian.


A Hidden and Unlikely Spiritual Ally

His arrival in the Oval Office, does not symbolize failure. And while it may be uncomfortable politically and even humanely, the reality is, he IS there for a reason. A reason that holds far greater meaning than a wall, or a pu**y grab or a tax break.

He practically forces us to grow into a greater Spiritual Maturity and to understand that when we summon great amounts of Light, the Shadow is called forward as well. They are intimately and divinely connected and there is no way to Spiritually bypass that principle of Nature. When faced with something as seemingly distorted as the new Commander in Chief, we as Spiritual adventurers cannot pick and choose who we say ‘we are all one’ with.

Mr. Trump, like it or not, is a part of that oneness. The Shadow IS a part of the LIGHT. We have rejected this reality for too long … and so The Guardian of the Threshold has shown up to clarify some things for us. He does so at this time, because we are ready for it.

You don’t have to like him, or approve of him, or tolerate his unkindness or bullying, nor do you have to support anything he does, or doesn’t do, but what you are well served to realize, is that he IS a part of this transformation that we have been calling forward, and his new position will ask greater things of us all.

We will be asked to call forward ALL that is within us. All of our Light and Goodness – that it may guide, unite and connect us. All of our darkness and hypocrisy, so that it may be healed, integrated, redeemed and transformed to serve us. All of our courage and character, that it may be used to rise, re-build and re-structure. And all of our Nobility and Honor, that it may be used to love, support and nurture one another, even and especially those we may not identify, or agree with … as we all navigate this new era.



Life IS. There is no stopping its expansion.  And it will use everything placed in its path – especially those things that challenge and threaten its survival, to evolve into something greater. Something more refined, something more efficient and something more evolved.

These turning points require an EXPANSION of consciousness and a deeper look into the true reservoirs of our nature – instead of the CONTRACTION of consciousness that fear, hate and panic stimulate. That is the Threshold we are on today.

Do we expand or contract at this moment of Threshold? How we manage this choice point as individuals will determine our destiny as a collective.

What President Trump will do over the next 4 years and what the legacy of his position will be in the years to come is uncertain, but one thing IS certain …

No leader, whether he is noble or ignoble has the power to determine our destiny. Only WE DO. As individuals, as families, as tribes and ultimately as a global community, the power IS and always has been within US. We have forgotten that – and we have time and time again, given our power away to an external and artificial entity. The Guardian at the Threshold challenges us to make a different decision.

WE get to choose if we will continue to move ahead despite the seeming obstacles and whether or not we will do it with the contraction of fear and pettiness or with the expansion of Grace and Courage.


That power, does not rest in the Oval Office – it rests in the Hearts and Souls of all of US…. it always has.