This week marks the July dates where both Canada and the United States honor their National Independence. Meaningful dates in history where the citizens of these countries celebrate their political sovereignty from the oppression and governance of a limiting rule to become nations that are self-governed, self-directed and self-responsible.

To be sovereign means to: possess supreme or ultimate power. To have absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, ultimate, total, unconditional, full personal and independent responsibility of one’s own being.

As authentic Mystical adventurers who deliberately choose to walk the path of transformation from the limits of Self to the expansiveness of Soul, so we too can become Sovereign rulers of our lives and claim our Spiritual gifts – our SPIRITUAL INDEPENDENCE is of utmost importance.

And yet more and more these days, regardless of whether we are walking a Mystical path or not, we are giving away greater and greater amounts of our power to external circumstances and as a result, we are being ‘falsely governed’ and are losing our Sovereign independence.

In order for us to become Mystically powerful, we need to reclaim our Spiritual Independence and become energetically responsible.



We give away Spiritual power to innumerable people, circumstances and situations. Some of those dynamics exist in the present moment, some exist far in the past and some haven’t even happened yet. But regardless of the time frame in which they occur, if we are not paying attention to our ‘relationship’ with these energetic situations, we will lose vital energy to them. (like a slow leak in a balloon, or a tiny hole in the bottom of a boat – eventually the balance of energy we need to sustain our own buoyancy and flow becomes depleted).

The current global political environment is a prime example of a ‘power leak’ as external situations took a major and off-balance turn. Many people are concerned about what the future brings and feel ‘powerless’ to truly shape their lives or have any meaningful say in what may happen moving forward.

On a personal or intimate level, there may be situations in your own life, where there has been an energetic shift that has resulted in a feeling of ‘powerlessness’ or lack of clarity. Whether the situation is global or personal, our ability to craft, cultivate, hold and maintain our energetic integrity so we can WILLFULLY guide and shape our lives, depends on us having an understanding of how we manage our Spiritual Independence so we can use it in meaningful ways.

As Mystics we make it a point to deepen our understanding of a couple of things:

#1. That the ‘created’ world (that is the outer world / our reality) is simply a projection of mind and so it (as a created thing) does NOT have the ability to CAUSE anything … especially our feelings of powerlessness, worry, anxiety or any of the other thoughts, feelings and emotions that drain us.

Our outer world is an effect. Our inner world, our SOUL[ar] power is the true CAUSATIVE power – and so is the only dimension we should be acknowledging as having any true power.

#2. We know that true Spiritual Power cannot be given, earned or purchased, for it is a natural energetic resource that we all possess and that we have access to by virtue of our Divine/Human nature. Nor can authentic Spiritual Power be taken from us. We can forget this knowing and so unwittingly disconnect or disengage from our power, which can leave us feeling vulnerable and uncertain.

#3. The more we are engaged with, and identified AS our Soul[ar] selves, the more Spiritual energy we have and the clearer a channel we become for Creative power to move through us. This open channel then becomes a conduit through which higher energies can flow, thus shaping our lives in alignment with our ‘highest good.’ ‘Good’ in this context meaning, wellbeing, balance, abundance, clarity, peace, etc. etc.

This means that outer circumstances, no off-balance leader, no mean girl/ or guy co-worker, no government program, no external law has the power to shape your reality … unless you let it.



#1. Stop giving your power away to the words and actions of others.

Many people on the planet have given their power away to WORDS and fallen into the misconception that WORDS have more power than they do. They don’t.

Forcing other people to manage their words by legislating thought, so that in an effort to be ‘politically correct’, others do not get offended, is the highest form of Spiritual restriction. If you notice yourself losing power because of someone else’s behavior or the things they say – it is not because of them, it is because there is a leak in you. If you believe that ANYTHING in the external world has the power to knock you off balance, your ability to master your Creative and Spiritual Power will be extremely limited.

Stop making other people’s words, attitudes, behaviors and thoughts responsible for your sense of Peace and Power. Remember the old rhyme – ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.’ There is powerful wisdom there.

There are 7 billion people on this planet with 7 billion opinions of you … yours is the only one that matters. Make THAT opinion the only one you listen to.


#2. Stop requiring that the world and others in it, think like you, act like you or walk the same path as you.

When we claim our Sovereign identity and become Spiritually independent, our ability to be self-governed and self-directed and follow the path that we know is correct for us, becomes greatly amplified.

When this power is activated, we are emboldened by our choices and make no apology for them. The side effect of that power is a greater freedom to let others walk their own path as well, without our interference, without our projections of what we feel is right or wrong and without foisting our opinion on them about what they should or shouldn’t be doing to make the world a better place.

If you want to be a vegetarian, be a vegetarian. If you don’t then, don’t. But regardless of your choice, let others eat what they want to without making them wrong for it.

If you want to be a gun owner, then be a gun owner. If you don’t then don’t. But regardless of your choice, let others choose how they want to protect themselves without making them wrong for it.

If you want to be a Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, or if you want Oprah or Elvis for President – then vote that way – but regardless of your choice, let others determine how they want to be led.

As Mystics with true Spiritual understanding you know that none of these external choices have any power over you anyway, so you are not influenced in any way by the decisions that others make. YOU are responsible for YOU, let others be responsible for themselves.


#3. Exercise your Sovereign power of CHOICE

Our Spiritual Independence comes on line in a very powerful way, when we commit to the process of becoming who it is we truly want to be. When WE start making powerful choices about the paths we want to take and the outcomes we want to generate, we align with a greater degree of power.

The Universe is not holding out with some big secret about what our destiny is meant to be, nor is it keeping our ‘ultimate purpose’ hidden from us … those choices are up to us. We get to decide.

This is the ultimate gift and responsibility of being Spiritually Independent. Our ability to CHOOSE.

So decide now, what you want your life to look like, the HOW is not important. In fact, you have all of the resources within you, right now, to make that outcome a reality. But you must CHOOSE it.

Stop waiting for the world to give you permission, for the government to get itself organized, for the climate to recalibrate, for your parents or your kids to be okay with it … the longer you wait, the longer you will wait.

When you exercise this power of COMMITTED CHOICE – 3 other powers will come on line to support you – they are Consciousness, Clarity and Character … all essential to true Spiritual Independence.



I invite you to declare your Spiritual Independence every day, not just on days when everyone in the physical world is doing it. The more awareness we have about the Mystical reality that ‘our world does not come TO us, but it comes THROUGH us, AS us’ … then we begin to realize that is it OUR direction, our energy and our power that we must become Responsible for.

Our lives and the reality that builds up around us to take shape as our health, relationships and contribution to the world – DOES revolve around us – so it is our duty as the Sovereign creator of our circumstances to accept that responsibility with grace, enthusiasm and a huge sense of adventure.

No one else is responsible for our ability to create, shape or transform our lives. No government, no education system, no leader, no parent, no preacher. We and we alone as sparks of the divine creative flame are responsible for our destiny and are channels through which it flows.

When this realization is crystallized, so much of the power that we have given away to external sources comes rushing back to serve us.

So as the celebrations unfold over this week – I encourage you to consider where you have given your Independence away – and commit as the fireworks explode overhead that you will call it back– so that your authentic power be restored and your ability to rule, direct and shape your life in a way that is perfect for you, returns to its rightful place – within your own personal and Independent Spiritual Nature.

Here is to YOUR Spiritual Independence. Celebrate!