Every person, relationship, circumstance, problem, situation AND solution carries it’s own unique and precisely individual energetic imprint or fingerprint.

Just like we as individuals posses a meticulous yet completely unique code in our DNA, which we consider our personal ‘source code’  – so too do the situations in our lives posses a ‘code of information’ which outline, add density to and ultimately define them … good, bad or indifferent.

All of the information, regardless of the complexity of the ‘living situation or circumstance’ is held in a small yet information packed ‘energetic envelope’ that we can access if we know how.


As evolutionary beings using our Integrated Intuitive Intelligence we are capable of opening that envelope and accessing those codes so we can become more powerfully capable of creating positive change and successful outcomes in our lives.

Let me give you an example … as an Intuitive I have from time to time been asked to assist law enforcement with ‘sussing out’ information regarding a particular crime or situation. Knowing as I do that this crime – like ANY other situation has an energetic base source code that defines the players, the details, the actions and the outcome in the complete event – I am able to access that source code and translate the information that gives me the Intuitive clues I need to assist the folks who have asked for my help.

This information is then ‘decoded’ by my open and relaxed, active yet neutral mind – which then translates that information through my six senses. Communicating through imagery, sound, feeling and impression to provide a mental replay if you will of the situation needing attention.

We are all capable of translating source code so we can improve, change or completely alter ANY situation in our lives.

So how do we do it?


Step #1 – First of all it is crucial to remove any emotional charge around a given situation. Being in a calm, open and coherent state charges the Intuitive mindset required to open the envelope of information. Taking a few calming and clearing deep breaths is a great way to start neutralizing any emotion you may be carrying around the situation you are looking to change.

* Develop and maintain a practice of Active Coherence.

Step #2 – Setting an Intention of wanting to understand clearly what the current circumstance is, without judging it and what steps need to be taken in order to clarify it, improve it or change it (which ultimately would be YOU aligning your Intelligence with an ‘altered source code’ which defines your NEW or PREFERRED situation, which could be considered a healing of sorts) Setting an Intention can be as simple as stating to yourself, “Show me the TRUTH of this situation.” – so your Integrated Intelligence can begin the information search that it needs to find your solution.

** Set a CLEAR Intention for True Understanding.

Step #3 – Be willing to let go of what you know, what others have told you is right or what your ‘logical mind’ believes to be true. Integrated Intelligence is an innovative mindset – it finds solutions that you have not thought of before and that your logical mind has not yet had the chance to disassemble because it hasn’t seen it before.

This can be a stumbling block for folks who are very proud of ‘what they know’ or who identify with education, degrees, schooling or previous training – if you consider yourself to be very ‘Intellectual’ – I invite you to adopt a bit of mindful flexibility – or your Intuitive mind will not be able to maneuver through the solid wall of ‘knowledge’ you have constructed.

*Forget what you ‘know’.


Every problem, situation or circumstance holds within it – the keys to its solution.

Your job is to align yourself with the energetic information of the circumstance and be willing to courageously follow the direction your Intuitive mind provides for you ~ even if it makes no sense to you at first.

Eventually and with consistent practice, you will be able to align yourself with the source code of ANY situation and be able to shift attention, come up with new ideas and take action to create the outcome you desire.

If you would like to learn more about developing your Integrated Intuitive Intelligence and applying it to ANY life situation you have – check this out.

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