Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

There is a common yet powerful misconception when it comes to using and following our Intuitive intelligence that if it is TRUE Intuition, that it will feel easy and unfold without any challenge, resistance or discomfort. And while the accurate energetic signal of authentic Intuitive guidance IS Neutral in electrical charge – the direction that it moves us towards or asks us to follow CAN be very challenging and most often DOES push us out of our comfort zone.

This stretch beyond comfort can be confusing for those who don’t have a proper understanding of the Intuitive process. And because many people have been trained to think that just because it is guidance from Intuition means that it shouldn’t be challenging, countless people miss out on Intuitive opportunity because it brings up feelings that may be uncomfortable.



I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an art show in Las Vegas this past weekend and debuted a powerful new series of paintings that have been challenging and inspiring me for almost 2 years. It was a great chance to share my work and to inspire others with the gifts that flow from my Soul and that came through me via my Intuitive and Creative processes. (you can check out some of those paintings here)

What struck me as a theme for the weekend were the number of people who came into my booth with the powerful dream of being a ‘creative’, but who were consciously or unconsciously waiting for the moment when they felt ready or worthy of the task. I spoke with many people ranging from the youngest at 15 years old to the eldest at over 70, who all had a great dream waiting to burst forth from inside of them. But who in one way or another were resisting, delaying or avoiding the call because of the fear and the discomfort of stepping into the unknown or of taking actions that they were unfamiliar with.

Time after time, people would say, “Oh my gosh. This work is SO beautiful and inspiring. I really want to be a painter/writer/dancer/performer/speaker/entrepreneur/healer/coach. I want to do what you are doing, but I’m just not ready.”

When I asked them what they were waiting for, they would say, “I’m waiting to find what inspires me. Or I’m waiting till I have more skills, or I’m waiting until my kid gets their life in order. I’m waiting till the timing is right or I have more savings in the bank. Or the most powerful one, I’m waiting till I’m not afraid.”

What it boiled down to is that they were all waiting in one way or another to feel comfortable with the idea of stepping into their creative dream for the future.

My response to them again and again was, “Your Intuition, your Soul, your Spirit are calling you to this dream now. If you are waiting to feel comfortable with stepping into it or waiting for when it might be convenient, or until you feel ready, then you will never do it.”

While it wasn’t necessarily what they may have wanted to hear from me in that moment, every single one of them nodded in humble agreement.



One of the most powerful pieces of advice I ever received, was from one of my mentors in the Wildlife Art world. When I was just starting out over 20 years ago and shared my feelings of uncertainty about my work or my place in that world that meant so much to me, he said, “Simone, if you are going to be successful in ANY venue of life, whether it is Fine Art, business, or plumbing for that matter, you are going to have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

It was a message that shook me to my core, that I continue to live, work and create by and one that I continuously share with the people I teach and coach.

Our Soul or Highest Self is constantly calling us to grow and expand and to let go of any of the artificial limitations that our lower self or ego keeps us attached to. It is that limited self that says, “I’m not ready. I have too many other things going on. I have to wait until I take another class. My kids/family/job needs me. I’m not talented enough.” Etc, etc.

Expansion or growth of any kind is not comfortable and many times it is far from convenient. But just like a muscle being worked in the gym, in order for it to grow and become more than its former self it must stretch beyond its limitations and to move past comfort and it must be done again and again and again, in order to claim true strength and power.



Here are some questions to ask to begin to navigate the discomfort that may come when you start saying YES to your dreams:

  • What would I really love to do with my life, if I knew I could not fail?
  • What excuses do I make as to why I can’t start taking some small action on that dream today?
  • What situations or what people or relationships do I put in front of my dreams as an excuse not to go for them?
  • And the biggest question to consider … ‘What might people think of me, or what might I lose or have to give up, if I really succeeded in a big way?’

Your answers at it relates to the final question may be, “People will think I’m full of myself. Or that I’m selfish or greedy. Or that I might have to lose love or give up freedom or the comfort of the known and familiar.”

Whatever you discover there will reveal in a powerful way the conflicts that you may be carrying that are preventing you from truly taking the leap forward.

I invite you to take some time with this list and write all of your answers and revelations down. Then go through your list of answers and truly challenge yourself to see if any of them are really true. If you are deeply honest, you will discover that none of them are.



There is always some time during the day to begin. There is always one small action you can take to move ahead. (and infinite ways you CAN move ahead) And you are always guided and supported by the greatest resource you could ever need, your Soul.

Our actions or lack of them as it relates to going for our biggest dreams are shaped by what goes on within our mind, and the energetic structures that we have cultivated there. It’s important to remember that our Life and all of its potential comes THROUGH us … it does NOT come TO US! So our ability to act in large or small ways will determine how that potential begins to come to fruition and how it takes shape in the world.

Our Intuition as the voice of our Higher Self calls us to push beyond the boundaries that have kept us living in the current scope of reality that we are used to. It calls us to have courage, to gather our nerve, to exercise our innovation and push beyond limitation.

If you want to be ‘good’ and continue to live your life in the same way you always have, then moving outside of your comfort zone may not be necessary. But If you want to be GREAT, if you want to evolve beyond life as usual, you will have to be willing to leave every limitation behind and that expansion will insist that you grow.

If you have the dream or desire to do a thing, that is an indication that not only CAN it be done now, but that you are ready to do it now. So I invite you today, to breathe life into that dream and even if it feels uncomfortable, to take one small action to move it forward. Then tomorrow, do the same thing. And the next day, and the next. Day by day, little small actions – this is how our Intuition leads us, like a Divine GPS directing us, step by step to our destiny.

Eventually, with patience, grace and persistence, you will find you have arrived at your destination … and then you and your Soul will get to ask … what next?

Our Soul is always ready to guide us; we just need to be brave enough, even if it is uncomfortable, to say … ‘Yes.’

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The Power of Discernment

The Power of Discernment

One of the most important aspects of developing our Intuitive Intelligence is the activating and refining our POWER OF DISCERNMENT.

A partial definition of discernment is:

‘to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well. Discernment is considered a virtue and is a reflection of and a tool of wisdom.

As it applies to our Intuition, discernment is the ability to recognize the difference between the Truth of our Highest level of mind and consciousness and the Falseness or distortion of our emotions, historical limitations and past conditioning.

The POWER OF DISCERNMENT can make or break our ability to accurately and successfully recognize and use our Intuition when we most need it.

It is important at this point to remind you of a very important yet common mis-perception about how our Intuition communicates with us … this understanding will make your ability to Discern Intuitive Truth from False distortion much easier.

Many people make the error of believing that Intuition is an emotional impulse or that it stems from our emotions. This is why Intuition gets such a bad rap, because most human beings rarely have a solid grip on their emotions. Because of this misconception, many people then stipulate that Intuition cannot be trusted and that it is unreliable.

The truth of the matter is; Intuition is NOT based in emotion. It is NEUTRAL. Because when we are using our Intuition properly, it is sourced from levels of Higher Consciousness, it is not connected to the ideas of good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative and as such has no connection to emotion. Authentic Intuition guides us to personal truth … and truth just IS. There is no emotional charge.

Truth. Neutral. Solid. Grounded. Is-ness. Where we get confused is when we have an emotional response to the intuitive guidance – because we immediately perceive that guidance and where it might lead as good or bad, positive or negative. The emotional charge comes from our response to the intuitive information, not from the information itself.

Getting to the Truth

If you do not have a consistent track record yet of being able to recall moments when you have recognized and used genuine Intuitive guidance, I suggest this simple exercise to get the feeling of Truth and learn to intimately identify it.


  1. Speak several statements out loud that are based in Truth for you. These statements may be simple or profound, like ‘My name is (state your name) or’ ‘I live in (state your town) or’ ‘I love animals,’ Or ‘I love classical music,’ if that is true for you.
  2. Come up with as many TRUE statements as you can think of and say them out loud to yourself and observe how you FEEL when you say them. How does your body respond to these truths? What do you notice? Could you use a color or sound to describe this feeling? Is there a sensation anywhere in your head or anywhere else? Describe this TRUTH thing as specifically and precisely as possible. Writing down your observations and sensations will help you ingrain the recognition more powerfully. You should notice a commonality in the feelings, regardless of what is being said, the Truth will be the truth and will feel similar from statement to statement.
  3. Truth has a recognizable energetic fingerprint – your Intuitive success will rise or fall on your ability to recognize that fingerprint. Once you have gotten really clear about it, at least for now, you can identify this FEELING as your recognition of TRUTH.


Identifying the ‘Riff-Raff’
Now it is time to swing to the opposite side of the spectrum to begin to learn to identify the opposite of truth – which in the world of Intuition we call ‘distortion.’


  1. Recall the times in the past when you have felt negative emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, guilt or shame. How do these emotions FEEL to you? If you are human, they will feel like crap. But your job in this discernment game is to get really specific about how that crap takes shape in your body. Does your belly hurt? Does your chest tighten? Do you feel hot? Do you want to shout or scream or flee? Do you get tongue-tied or feel like you have to distract yourself to make the feeling go away?
  2. It is helpful here as well to take a minute or two to write down each of these negative emotional states and write down all of their identifying markers.
  3. Get very, very specific about how these negative states feel to you – understanding how distortion takes shape within your body when there is no pressure to be right will allow you the freedom and ease to gain clarity, so that when there is a need to be right, you will have done all of your homework and practice ahead of time.


Compare, Contrast and Choose
Once you have gotten super clear about how truth feels to you and how distortion feels to you and can precisely identify the difference – your ability to use discernment in real time and in real life situations will be greatly enhanced. With enough practice, you will be able to tell in a split second if the information someone else is giving you, the situation you are presented with, or the impressions you are noticing within your own awareness are the truth or if they are something else.

From that state of calm certainty, instead of making a ‘knee jerk’ decision that is based in fear and past conditioning that keeps you stuck in the loop of repetition and bad habits, you will be able to make decisions that are based in the wisdom of your highest good and take actions that will move you forward and upward.



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The Major Flaws in The Law of Attraction

The Major Flaws in The Law of Attraction

Over the last decade, the global phenomenon of The Law of Attraction has been practiced everywhere in spiritual and non-spiritual circles alike. But one look at the chaos in global, national and individual realities, seems to indicate that something is not quite right and maybe we may have gotten something very wrong.

Check out this video that clarifies the FLAWS in THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and reveals the one simple tool to overcome them! Enjoy.

The Power of Spiritual Independence

The Power of Spiritual Independence

Independence is in the air in a global way right now. Here in North America, the U.S. and Canada prepare to celebrate their historical release from limiting Sovereign rule. And in the United Kingdom a new form of disruption is occurring because of the recent vote to become Independent from the European Union.

As Mystics and Alchemists we are served well to observe what is happening right now and use it to find the transformational wisdom hidden in plain sight – wisdom that has nothing to do with political power; but has everything to do with Spiritual Power.

Around the world people are celebrating the material idea of Independence as being ‘freedom from the oppression of an external governing source’; an external source that ‘appears’ to have more power than the freedom fighter or independence seeker does.

Wars are fought, battles are waged, billions of dollars are spent, elections happen, countries break apart and all in the name of an external independence that has no real merit – at least not from a Metaphysical perspective. Ultimately what happens in these situations is simply an exchange of one form of limitation for another one, but nothing really changes.

As emerging Spiritual Masters, our most powerful tools are Observation and Awareness. In order to use our Mystical powers of creation and transformation, we must be aware of the underlying energy that supports the base of any existing situation – before we can shift it into another one.

Those with eyes and awareness to see will recognize this moment in time as a powerful opportunity that holds an energetic message that every Spiritual Adventurer would be served well to heed.

So what DOES this time of INDEPENDENCE call us to observe?

As in most transformational life situations, it guides us to ‘look deeper for our true power.’



We do not gain true spiritual power by claiming independence from an external governing body (ie government, religion, education, parents, tribe, family). Nor do we gain strength by insisting or demanding that these entities GIVE it to us – it cannot be given – for we already posses it. But in order for it to begin to work for us we must understand we possess it, then,  acknowledge and claim it.

To become Sovereign means to recognize ones own power of self – determination, self-guidance and self-direction. To become spiritually independent means one begins to become deeply cognizant of their power of free will, choice and awareness. Those who are asleep to this inherent reality shaping power, remain forever victims of the collective and are destined to live a life dictated by fate rather than one of empowered choice.

We are all aware of the idea of Mind over Matter and we may even have had personal experiences of how when we ‘really made up our mind’ to do something, that is when things began to change. There is a commonality in each of these dynamics that point in the direction of a High truth.

Why is this so? Because MIND shapes MATTER. Mind and how it is directed has the ability to determine how energy takes shape in the physical world. The external, created world we see, feel and experience as our reality, is a CREATED thing, that is to say, it is an EFFECT or REFLECTION of mind or consciousness.

Because it is a CREATED thing, it has NO POWER TO CAUSE or CREATE. Our reality, our external world and the life we live within it – is AN EFFECT or A RESULT of something else – that something else – that creative force – is MIND.

Metaphysicians and Masters know and understand this principle and use it to deliberately shape their world. This understanding leaves them immune to the mindless decadence of a mostly ‘asleep’ global populace and the continual conundrums it creates.

Spiritual Independence activates true creative skill, which is the ability to alter and direct our reality in a way that pleases us. This proficiency is shaped by the MIND and is supported by 3 Noble attributes:

  1. Power (which is the ability to move energy) As a side note here, FORCE and POWER are very different things. One who is in true ownership of their Sovereign power, has no need to ever use Force.
  2. Choice (which the ability to make an empowered decision) and
  3. WILL (which is the ability to direct Creative focus.)

The declaration of independence of a true Metaphysician is literally; MIND creates MATTER, more specifically, ‘MY MIND creates MY MATTER’. This oath becomes our new pledge and it is the foundation on which all of our Spiritual and Alchemical work is built.

When we begin to operate as Sovereign and Independent Miracle workers, Mystics and Alchemists, the level of mind we are using to generate the outcomes we desire, is the Higher Level of Mind that is directed, guided and supported by our Soul.



To ‘Pledge allegiance’ means to express your commitment and devotion in the highest sense. People will pledge allegiance to a flag, a nation, a religion, a government or a cause. At its root, (liege) which comes from the old French word, meaning ‘Lord and Master,’ to ‘Pledge Allegiance’ means to dedicate or bind yourself completely, mind, body and spirit to an external, and often ‘more powerful’ entity.

As we declare our personal and spiritual independence – we begin to shift our allegiance from that of loyalty to the material world and the people, situations and circumstances that inhabit it, to a deeper loyalty and understanding of the Mental and Spiritual ones and the invisible yet limitless possibilities that exist within those worlds.

More specifically, we begin to pledge allegiance to our Soul and all of the wisdom, knowledge and power that is carried there.

This shift in allegiance must be done consciously, deliberately and with a certain degree of reverence, for it is a decision that will transform your world, if you let it. This shift in power from outer to inner, from Self to Soul, leaves a trail of beneficial symptoms that include gracious Courage, deepened Clarity, enhanced honor, expanded appreciation for the beauty that exists around us and a deep and unshakable Peace.

So over the course of this long holiday weekend, where the word and energy of Independence is thick in the air, I invite you to take a few moments between bar-b-que’s and fireworks, to deeply consider what true Spiritual Independence means to you and how you could begin to use that degree of power to serve and transform your world.

Then take another moment and place your hand over your heart to ‘pledge allegiance to your Soul, to your higher Self, to your greatest wisdom’ and invite it to guide you, support you and lead you – then step back into the ‘real world’ and celebrate the greatest victory for independence you may ever know.


Solstice and The Power of Influence

Solstice and The Power of Influence

It is a powerful time here on our beautiful blue planet. As the Sun moves to its highest point in the Northern Hemisphere and is partnered with a full (or Rose) moon, the Earth and all of its inhabitants are being exposed to the ‘powerful influence’ of some pretty potent energies.


The Sun is far more than a light or energy Source. Alchemically speaking it is also a source of consciousness that carries wisdom, intelligence and power for those who are aware enough to sense it. This why for eons, this time of year is considered so special for so many people


Summer Solstice and its partner in Polarity, the Winter Solstice stand as a masculine/feminine, yin/yang partnership and depending on where you reside on the planet (north or southern hemisphere) the influences of this time of year, can be used and shaped in different ways. And if understood and used properly can be used to influence our ability to shape the very fabric of reality as we know it.


There are many great articles describing the Influence and meaning of Solstice  astrologically speaking and here are some links to them: 


But for our purposes as Alchemists working at this powerful time, I wanted to discuss the nature of INFLUENCE and why it is so important to our Mystical and Spiritual adventure and how our ability to direct our PERSONAL INFLUENCE is just as important to our lives as the Sun.



As Alchemists we recognize Influence as the ability to ‘shape light’. We use the tools of Awareness, Power and Will to generate a certain QUALITY of mindful directed energy that has the ability to alter our inner consciousness and as a result shape outer reality. Just like a master sculptor has the ability to shape clay into a work of Art, a skilled Alchemist can generate and direct their Influence and shape reality in such a way that they are known as Masters and Miracle makers.


Simple Definition of Influence: the power to change or affect someone or something: the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen
: a person or thing that affects someone or something in an important way


Full Definition of Influence. 

(Positive Polarity) 1
a; an ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans
 b; an emanation of unseen power held to derive from stars. 2: an emanation of spiritual or moral force. 3
a: the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command


(Negative Polarity) b:  corrupt interference with authority for personal gain. 4:  the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways :


You are the Creative Center of your own Universe. Your MIND influences everything you perceive, create, notice and experience within your Reality framework. Without YOUR consciousness and YOUR Influence, YOUR Universe would cease to BE. It is the same for each and every one of us who exists here.


Our shared or common realities occur when each of our individual realities overlap. These overlaps of Influence become collective, group, tribal, national and religious frameworks that can be shaped by 2 people or by billions of them. Influence shaping reality – shaping influence – constantly looping and folding back into itself; creating denser and denser (realer and realer) realities.


If the ‘tone’ of the predominant Influence is positive, the outcome will tend towards positive or ‘Life Affirming’ polarity. If the tone of the predominant Influence is negative, the outcome will tend towards the negative or Life Diminishing polarity. The more powerful tone – will shape the outcome. If we take a look at some of what is occurring around us these days, it becomes pretty obvious what the ‘tone’ of the foundational influences are.


Alchemists are aware of and understand this reality construct and so pay very little attention to the distorted, limited and often chaotic realities of others and pay great attention to their own field of INFLUENCE. And they are pristine about how they maintain and direct it.



In order to begin to become a powerful ‘INFLUENCER’ and become a Miracle worker in your own life, you need to adopt a few new ‘artistic’ habits:


#1. Keep your eyes on your own work.

Stop giving other people or situations the power to influence how you think, behave or feel. Realize that their reality is their reality and based on their lifelong habits of energetic behavior. What other people do, how they behave, what they create, what they post online or how they experience life is theirs to do with as they choose. If you engage with them in unnecessary and unaware ways, you WILL limit your ability to influence your own outcomes with any regularity or power. To put it simply – mind your own energetic business! Create YOUR Masterpiece FIRST.


#2. Choose your colors.

An Alchemist combines ART and SCIENCE. An artist deliberately CHOOSES the colors he or she puts into a painting. So too must you choose (deliberately) the energetic influences you want to have on display in your world.


Life, Joy, Ease, Happiness, Power, Grace, Flow, Care, Peace, Humor, Beauty, Nobility, Abundance, Courage are all powerful energetic INFLUENCES that can be used to color your Reality Masterpiece. Choose two or three of these influences and meditate on them daily. (Don’t choose more than that – because just like mixing too many colors of paint – the result will be muddy and you won’t get the results you desire)


After a few days of practicing and embodying these influences you should notice a shift in your own ‘being-ness’, with new ideas, attitudes and feelings taking shape as a result. Act on these new impressions – they are the result of your refinement.


#3. QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY

Mind and Consciousness are the energetic foundation of everything, but it is the QUALITY of Mind and Consciousness that determines whether we will be able to direct our Influence in any meaningful way.


As Alchemists we want to shift from the doing, anxiety ridden nature of EFFORT (which is different than ACTION by the way) … into the more efficient practice of INFLUENCE. (which by its very nature is more elegant, effective and enjoyable than any amount of  ‘grunt work’ will ever be.)


When we get really clear about the QUALITY of the energy we are generating an apply it to what we do, it gets easier and easier to fine tune and direct it in meaningful ways that result in our ability to consistently shape outcomes in ways that please and excite us.



We don’t have to look far to see a plethora of examples of people in the world who stand as ‘limiting influences’ and who for one karmic reason or another, take great pride in influencing others to become the lowest example of human experience we could possibly imagine.


The people who are influenced by these ‘LIMITERS’, who rise to follow or fight them, simply do not have the power or awareness to know that they have a choice in how they respond to the influence these people are putting out into the world.


Alchemists are deeply aware of that power of choice. Alchemists choose very clearly and very powerfully that THEY and THEY alone are the only influence that has any meaning in their world.  Through this understanding, they begin to deftly carve away all of the external influences and internal attitudes, beliefs, spells and histories that do not serve them. Eventually leaving a clear an open pathway through which true power and influence can flow.


So I invite you to use the powerful, influential energies carried within this Summer Solstice to support you in generating your own energetic influence to let go of what no longer serves you and to claim the authentic nature and power that does. Claiming your ability to align with the creative consciousness that generates the Light and Life of our world is a great way to begin.


Many of us on the Spiritual path have a desire to leave the world a bit better than we found it. That doesn’t happen by trying to change the world – it happens when we discover and claim our creative power and use it to transform ourselves into the beings we are inspired to be. Then and only then, will we have the ability to heal the world.


So decide. Who do you want to be? How do you want your Influence to take shape in the world? Then claim it. Become it. Live it. Eventually it will be reflected back to you. And you will see goodness in all things.





The Sixth Sense of Success

The Sixth Sense of Success

Richard Branson has admitted to using it. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have both depended on it. Oprah Winfrey credits the majority of her success to it. Countless other gifted, successful, leaders in entertainment, finance, medicine and enterprise have used this enigmatic, largely misunderstood and often ridiculed tool. This tool possesses the ability to change our health, our relationships and our finances. It aids in reducing stress and increasing creativity, efficiency and profitability and is finally ‘coming out of the closet’ to be validated by science AND commerce to be a tangible, practical and applicable skill that everyone can use.

The tool is INTUITION… and you’ve already got it, you just haven’t been taught how to use it properly.


We have all heard about ‘gut instinct’ and we have made decisions based on just having a ‘knowing or feeling’ about something that others didn’t get or have. Sometimes those gut impulses have worked in our favor and sometimes they haven’t, but we all recall moments in our lives when ‘we just got a feeling’ about something and we made a decision based on that impression.

But gut instinct isn’t the same as Intuition… gut instinct is a survival skill. It is a remnant of our days as cavemen whose only concerns were finding a mate, putting another meal on the table and avoiding the Saber-toothed tiger at the door.

While sometimes life in modern day trenches may still feel that way and often times our gut is a good indicator of what we should or shouldn’t do in a particular moment, it is not nearly sophisticated enough to guide us through the new and rapidly changing environment cluttered with information and constant data.

Intuition is the more evolved, refined and sophisticated cousin of gut instinct. Intuition is Champagne to gut instinct’s Malt Liquor‘, it is Mozart to ‘Mary had Little Lamb’. It goes far beyond the temperamental ideas of ‘Feminine Intuition’ or the supernatural ideas of a ‘sixth sense’ and can be fine tuned to operate specifically and at will as a beneficial tool of the mind and partner on the road to success.


Imagine that your Intuition operates like a personal GPS system; if you know how to use it properly you can count on it to get you from point A to point B with relative ease and peace of mind. You can expect that it will steer you clear of road blocks, keep you free from traffic jams and direct you to the quickest and most direct route to your desired destination. All the while helping you maintain good fuel efficiency and giving you a pleasant view along the way.

These are the Six Steps to activating your Intuition: they are based on the foundation of Peace, Precision and Perception

Step #1 – Peace: Go to your Heart – Generating Coherence

Science has recently discovered that there is a level of intelligence carried in the heart that out powers the brain by 10 to 1. The heart being the first organ in the body to develop has more lines of information going from the heart TO the brain, than the other way around. This is why when we are stressed and our heart is racing due to fear, anxiety or any of the countless other pressures that life can present, access to problem solving Intuition is impossible, because our brain literally SHUTS DOWN.

Intuition thrives on the level of mind that I call ‘Integrated Intelligence’, that is bringing ALL levels of intelligence together to function as a cohesive whole. Balancing the powers of the head (left brain, analytical thought and right brain, creative thought) with the intelligence of the heart brings us to the powerful middle ground of agile creativity and opens the channels of higher mind and wisdom needed to solve problems and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Action Step: Cultivate a Meditative practice, Calm the mind, Coherence is the Scientific word for Peace

Step #2 – Peace: Clearing the ‘Stress Static’

The number ONE obstacle to being able to unleash the power of your Intuition is Stress! Stress is like static on a phone line, when you are worried about a deadline, concerned about finances or overwhelmed by too much to do, you cannot access the parts of your mind that are integral to creative problem solving or higher intelligence.

Working harder is NOT working smarter. Stress makes you LESS efficient, less effective and in the long run costs you a lot more than time and money. Getting stuck in your head and analyzing, asking others for advice or thinking, pondering or processing things will never bring up creative or innovative ideas or solutions.

Take a tip from Albert Einstein who claimed all of his groundbreaking solutions came to him while he was out walking in nature or outside of the laboratory and who said “You cannot solve a problem on the same level of thinking that created it.” You have to go out of your mind; that is break the patterns of stressful thought that have been the source of the problem in the first place, relax the mind, clear the static and allow Intuition to speak instead.

Action Step: Take a break, get outdoors and breathe…. More Peace

Step #3 – Precision: The Power of the ‘Ask’

The power of a properly worded question is crucial when accessing your Intuition and just like the GPS in your car, in order to get where you want to go, you need to know precisely where you are starting. In simple language you need to know what questions to ask your Intuition in order for it to respond in a beneficial manner. Where most people trip up, especially in the beginning, is by looking for solutions or answers by using ineffective questions.

Giving your Intuition a strong starting point depends on a strong ‘direction request.’ Questions should be worded ‘in the present moment’, be positively oriented and results based. For example – ‘How can I most effectively improve cash flow?” is a far more empowered question than, “How am I going to make payroll?” “Is this new partnership beneficial to my business mission?” will give you a far more Intuitively potent result than, “Is this guy going to screw me over?”

Action Step: Get clear about what you DO want and the ultimate goal, NOT what you are afraid of or are trying to avoid. Cultivate PRECISE questions.

Step #4 – Expand your Perception: Forget what you ‘Know’

People who think they ‘know everything there is to know’ about their field of expertise, have a very difficult time accessing their Intuition. Intuition is housed in the non-linear and non-rational mind and finds solutions that do not follow ‘traditional or schooled avenues’ of thinking. If you are convinced that there is only one way to solve your problem or create a certain outcome, then you limit the pathways through which your Intuition can communicate with you.

This is why ‘Beginners Luck’ is such a potent phenomenon, because those who know little or nothing about a situation are not limited by what they DO know, so their minds are open and accessible to any and all possibilities that may present themselves. Give yourself permission to forget everything you have ever been taught, or what you THINK you might know and be willing to be surprised by what information comes your way.

Action Step: Adopt a bit of Humility – Be willing to see, learn, experience new things.

Step #5 – Perception: Pay Attention

Intuition doesn’t always speak the language we understand, often times it will speak to us in the language of the creative and imaginative mind – the language of symbols, images, art or music and it may use any or all of our five senses to guide, direct and influence us.

Once you have asked your Intuitive mind for direction, pay attention to what you begin to notice throughout the course of your day, or even at night through the messages in your dreams.

You may hear a song on the radio or hear a line in a movie, or a statement from a friend that contains a tag line with the perfect solution to your problem. This is your Personal GPS in action, saying ‘Turn here’, ‘Look here’, ‘Watch this’. It’s up to you to notice it and take action.

Action Step: Become a great Observer – Watch more, speak less.

Step #6 – Have FUN: invite a sense of PLAY

Intuition thrives in an environment of ease, peace and grace. It speaks most clearly through a mind that is not overwhelmed or burdened with the pressure of having to get it right or needing to prove anything to anyone. Intuition gives direction through a system that is flexible, agile and open to anything. Intuition is the language spoken to athletes when they are in the zone, to musicians who are in the flow and visionaries who are on the leading edge. It speaks to us through our Natural state – being Intuitive IS our Natural state.

Take a moment to consider the possibility of the joy that life can offer, (even when it appears to be daunting or challenging) it might take you a bit of time, but if you can get back to that feeling and do your best to make it your ‘starting point’ for everything moving forward, you will find that your Intuition begins to speak as clearly and directly as any solid, tangible or real personal coach or advisor ever did. The difference here is your Intuition is concerned only about your needs, it is available whenever you need it and never charges for its services.

Action Step: Lighten up and remember to laugh (especially at yourself)


As many of the most successful people in history have proven, it is those who have trusted that small inner voice, to break free of the pack, and carve their own pathways that leave the greatest footprint for others to follow.

If we are going to survive and thrive in rapidly changing times, our navigation and direction tools have to evolve. It isn’t enough to count on the ‘experts’ to guide us through these changing times, because no one has been on this journey yet, the maps have not been drawn.

Intuition is a skill we all NATURALLY possess. Everyone can use it. It isn’t a gift given to a chosen few. When developed and used appropriately, it can guide us to improve our careers, our relationships, our health and our world. There is no greater power and it is waiting quietly beneath the surface to serve us, whenever we need it…. All we need to do is ask.

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