Are there parts of your life that you wished had never happened? Are there things in your past or maybe even your present that you regret, resent or are just plain embarrassed by? I think its safe to say, every one of us has a list of things in our lives that we wish hadn’t happened or wished had turned out differently. But the reality is, all of the aspects that we shun or sweep under the carpet are sources of great energy that instead of driving us into despair, can guide us into greatness.

Inherent in every energetic structure, whether that structure is an amoeba, a relationship, a human body or a life circumstance, there exists a mystical and scientific principle known as Polarity. Polarity holds that everything in existence is ‘dual’ in nature. It explains that in everything, there are two poles, or opposite aspects, which are really just extreme opposites of the same thing, with varying degrees between them.

Heat and Cold while opposites are really the same thing. Up and Down. Light and Dark. Noise and Quiet. Hard and soft. Masculine and Feminine. Positive and Negative. Even Love and Hate. All of them are simply varying degrees of a particular phenomena. Can you tell with any certainty on a scale where either begins or ends? Where does hot begin and cold cease? When is it officially, totally dark and when is it really light? When exactly do we move from liking someone, to loving them? Or hating them?

This truth exists within our lives as well and plays out in the dynamics of Lack and Abundance, Disease and Wellness, Struggle and Ease among others. There is no absolute, just variations in levels of vibration.One cannot have one aspect without the other.

Why is this important for us to understand? Because if we reject or despise any part of our lives, we reject the whole. If we focus on the perceived darkness with resentment, shame or anger, we send that emotional energy into ALL aspects of our existence. It cannot NOT be so.

I invite you to look at all of the things in your life, from your past or your present, that you may be carrying some bitterness about, or holding a grudge towards and realize that they are not separate, individualized moments in time, but are a part of your entire life structure. Each and every situation, regardless of how miserable they may feel, moves you towards or away from something, lights a fire in you or extinguishes one that you didn’t need any more, requires you to become something other than who have been in previous moments and pushes you beyond your limitations. They may have been uncomfortable, but they ALL serve a potent and powerful purpose. They brought you to now.

When you are able to look at these aspects with a sense of understanding, with even a small sense of appreciation as to how they may have served you – you unleash a torrent of energy that was once used to hold the negative perceptions in place. This release is like opening the flood gates on a dam that has held water back for eons, which instead of sitting still and stagnating can now be used to bless and empower your life.

Look through your life and see where you are wasting energy ‘cursing the darkness’. Can you open your heart and broaden your perception enough to see the light held within it instead? Can you acknowledge why these moments may have been neccessary as a part of your Evolution? If you can, your life will begin to broaden and expand in ways you may have never believed possible.

A true Master knows that one cannot create a beautiful painting without the use of light and shadow – it is only with both that dimension is achieved. When you begin to look with a broader perpective you release the limitless potential held within the energy of your Soul to be a co-creator with the Universe. It is then and only then that you become a Master in your own life and can use it in whatever way you desire to project the power of your Light into the world.