There is a common yet powerful misconception when it comes to using and following our Intuitive intelligence that if it is TRUE Intuition, that it will feel easy and unfold without any challenge, resistance or discomfort. And while the accurate energetic signal of authentic Intuitive guidance IS Neutral in electrical charge – the direction that it moves us towards or asks us to follow CAN be very challenging and most often DOES push us out of our comfort zone.

This stretch beyond comfort can be confusing for those who don’t have a proper understanding of the Intuitive process. And because many people have been trained to think that just because it is guidance from Intuition means that it shouldn’t be challenging, countless people miss out on Intuitive opportunity because it brings up feelings that may be uncomfortable.



I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an art show in Las Vegas this past weekend and debuted a powerful new series of paintings that have been challenging and inspiring me for almost 2 years. It was a great chance to share my work and to inspire others with the gifts that flow from my Soul and that came through me via my Intuitive and Creative processes. (you can check out some of those paintings here)

What struck me as a theme for the weekend were the number of people who came into my booth with the powerful dream of being a ‘creative’, but who were consciously or unconsciously waiting for the moment when they felt ready or worthy of the task. I spoke with many people ranging from the youngest at 15 years old to the eldest at over 70, who all had a great dream waiting to burst forth from inside of them. But who in one way or another were resisting, delaying or avoiding the call because of the fear and the discomfort of stepping into the unknown or of taking actions that they were unfamiliar with.

Time after time, people would say, “Oh my gosh. This work is SO beautiful and inspiring. I really want to be a painter/writer/dancer/performer/speaker/entrepreneur/healer/coach. I want to do what you are doing, but I’m just not ready.”

When I asked them what they were waiting for, they would say, “I’m waiting to find what inspires me. Or I’m waiting till I have more skills, or I’m waiting until my kid gets their life in order. I’m waiting till the timing is right or I have more savings in the bank. Or the most powerful one, I’m waiting till I’m not afraid.”

What it boiled down to is that they were all waiting in one way or another to feel comfortable with the idea of stepping into their creative dream for the future.

My response to them again and again was, “Your Intuition, your Soul, your Spirit are calling you to this dream now. If you are waiting to feel comfortable with stepping into it or waiting for when it might be convenient, or until you feel ready, then you will never do it.”

While it wasn’t necessarily what they may have wanted to hear from me in that moment, every single one of them nodded in humble agreement.



One of the most powerful pieces of advice I ever received, was from one of my mentors in the Wildlife Art world. When I was just starting out over 20 years ago and shared my feelings of uncertainty about my work or my place in that world that meant so much to me, he said, “Simone, if you are going to be successful in ANY venue of life, whether it is Fine Art, business, or plumbing for that matter, you are going to have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

It was a message that shook me to my core, that I continue to live, work and create by and one that I continuously share with the people I teach and coach.

Our Soul or Highest Self is constantly calling us to grow and expand and to let go of any of the artificial limitations that our lower self or ego keeps us attached to. It is that limited self that says, “I’m not ready. I have too many other things going on. I have to wait until I take another class. My kids/family/job needs me. I’m not talented enough.” Etc, etc.

Expansion or growth of any kind is not comfortable and many times it is far from convenient. But just like a muscle being worked in the gym, in order for it to grow and become more than its former self it must stretch beyond its limitations and to move past comfort and it must be done again and again and again, in order to claim true strength and power.



Here are some questions to ask to begin to navigate the discomfort that may come when you start saying YES to your dreams:

  • What would I really love to do with my life, if I knew I could not fail?
  • What excuses do I make as to why I can’t start taking some small action on that dream today?
  • What situations or what people or relationships do I put in front of my dreams as an excuse not to go for them?
  • And the biggest question to consider … ‘What might people think of me, or what might I lose or have to give up, if I really succeeded in a big way?’

Your answers at it relates to the final question may be, “People will think I’m full of myself. Or that I’m selfish or greedy. Or that I might have to lose love or give up freedom or the comfort of the known and familiar.”

Whatever you discover there will reveal in a powerful way the conflicts that you may be carrying that are preventing you from truly taking the leap forward.

I invite you to take some time with this list and write all of your answers and revelations down. Then go through your list of answers and truly challenge yourself to see if any of them are really true. If you are deeply honest, you will discover that none of them are.



There is always some time during the day to begin. There is always one small action you can take to move ahead. (and infinite ways you CAN move ahead) And you are always guided and supported by the greatest resource you could ever need, your Soul.

Our actions or lack of them as it relates to going for our biggest dreams are shaped by what goes on within our mind, and the energetic structures that we have cultivated there. It’s important to remember that our Life and all of its potential comes THROUGH us … it does NOT come TO US! So our ability to act in large or small ways will determine how that potential begins to come to fruition and how it takes shape in the world.

Our Intuition as the voice of our Higher Self calls us to push beyond the boundaries that have kept us living in the current scope of reality that we are used to. It calls us to have courage, to gather our nerve, to exercise our innovation and push beyond limitation.

If you want to be ‘good’ and continue to live your life in the same way you always have, then moving outside of your comfort zone may not be necessary. But If you want to be GREAT, if you want to evolve beyond life as usual, you will have to be willing to leave every limitation behind and that expansion will insist that you grow.

If you have the dream or desire to do a thing, that is an indication that not only CAN it be done now, but that you are ready to do it now. So I invite you today, to breathe life into that dream and even if it feels uncomfortable, to take one small action to move it forward. Then tomorrow, do the same thing. And the next day, and the next. Day by day, little small actions – this is how our Intuition leads us, like a Divine GPS directing us, step by step to our destiny.

Eventually, with patience, grace and persistence, you will find you have arrived at your destination … and then you and your Soul will get to ask … what next?

Our Soul is always ready to guide us; we just need to be brave enough, even if it is uncomfortable, to say … ‘Yes.’

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