In all of the Clarity readings I have had the privilege to do for people over the years … and there have been many … NOT ONCE has the directive from a clients Soul been to ‘Play small, stay comfortable or to follow the crowd.’ Not once.

I scanned my memory banks to see if I could recall ANY instance of the Highest Good for an Individual that was contained in a cozy, predictable 9 to 5 job, working for someone else, with a dependable pension plan and a guaranteed retirement at 65. There wasn’t one.

The theme, time and time again has been for my clients to discover what brings them the greatest amount of joy and nurture it, develop it and expand it so it becomes a center of light within them … then to risk every illusion of comfort to allow it to shine. And not to shine small … but to shine BIG! And to put it out into the world and share it.

Now I know I may be colliding directly with the ‘Voice of Reason’ out there which says “It is foolhardy to give up a secure life in order to follow ones bliss.” But our Soul is not reasonable … that is; its intelligence is NOT based in REASON. Reason, is the product of a thinking mind, not the product of a timeless, limitless Wisdom. Reason is a function of the limited operating system of a program trained in determining outcome from previous experience. It makes decisions based ONLY on what has come before so that can (falsely) determine which course of action will cause the least amount of insecurity or discomfort. It is limited. It is small. Not bad. Just small.

What is there in your life, that if you were to pursue … even in just a tiny way … could be perceived as being ‘unreasonable’?

It could be writing a novel. Singing in public. Going to school to get your degree. Baking your fabulous cookies for a local store or opening your own coffee shop. Or maybe it is something less visible … like working in a hospice, or tutoring at risk children. It doesn’t need to be glamorous – it just needs to have the power to light something within you that nothing else can.

The ILLUSION of comfort I speak of is the one that we mistakenly believe when we tell ourselves that we are secure when we know where a paycheck is coming from, or that we will be alright as long as we have a long term plan and we know step A, then step B, then step C. This ILLUSION is a powerful one and it keeps us from LIVING our LIGHT.

When a BEING (that is YOU) is so lit up with joy, purpose and passion – you become an irresistible force. Doors open, synchronicities occur and obstacles that once seemed impossible to overcome, evaporate like water on a hot sidewalk. Only Light can make that happen ~ reason simply does not have that power.

So decide for yourself, what really LIGHTS YOU UP? Then decide if you have the courage to let that light really, really shine… BIG! Chances are pretty good that you DO have the courage; you just haven’t tested it yet. You have been too busy ‘Being Reasonable.’ When you are ready, you will hear that quiet, solid voice of your Soul saying to you … “Go for it. Take the shot. You can do it. Expand. Stretch. Grow. Find Courage. Yes you can. Yes you CAN.”

Then, your only job is to let THAT voice guide you ~ and you will be amazed at what it ultimately leads you to.

Live your dreams.

Much love,