Power is the key to creating change of any kind. Power is the ability to generate energy. Yet in most current evolutionary or Spiritual practices, it is overlooked or completely ignored. The ability to use our Intuition properly, to heal, to transform, to forgive, to progress, to grow and to thrive all require energy; this we already know. But in order to cultivate the energy needed to generate all of that transformation – we must have POWER.

Not the external, physical, intellectual, ego based, power tie, power suit, horse power kind of power, but rather the deep, constant, unshakable, ever present and ever available power that comes from the very core of our being. The power that comes from our Highest Self, that is connected to the Creative Force and emanates from and that IS our very Soul. Personal Soul-ar Power, if you will.

If you want your Intuition to serve you in potent, proper and prosperous ways – you must have access to your POWER. When you are disengaged from your power, your Intuition is impotent at best and what you ‘think’ is your Intuition could be dangerous at worst. When you want to ‘create your reality’ by directing positive thought – it must be backed with Spiritual Power. Despite many of the modern teachings, positive thought and emotion are not enough.

When we are unaware of our power or believe we are powerless and we don’t know how to access the wisdom carried at our core, we will make the same choices, we will take the same actions, we will make other people and situations responsible for our happiness and our security, and our life will stay the same. This is why most New Years resolutions do not work; most of them are merely mental. They have not been instilled with or backed by any degree of Spiritual Power.

It is our Spiritual power that helps us release the past and that helps us find the light in the darkest moments. It is our Spiritual power that helps us forgive ourselves and others and that guides us to love our enemies, those within and those without. It is our Spiritual Power that helps us heal, manifest, transform and create and it is quietly waiting for us to simply ‘flip the switch’ and turn it on.


Self-Confident, Self-Reliant, Self-Referring, Self-Directed, Self-Governing are all attributes of a person grounded in Spiritual Power. This is not egoic – this is Wisdom of the highest order … and this is where we are all being called.

We cannot give away that which we do not possess. We cannot share our gifts, we cannot share our light, we cannot help another, we cannot change the world, without first claiming our POWER.

Here are some simple tips that you can begin to use on a daily basis to call back and activate your Spiritual Power. Set aside a few minutes each day, either first thing in the morning or just before bed to activate this request.

Step #1- Call back your Power.

Quiet your mind, take a few deep and cleansing breaths and declare either silently to yourself or out loud, “I call back my power. I call back all power that I gave away, that was lost or that was taken from me. I call back all power in this lifetime and in all other lifetimes, in this dimension and in all other dimensions. I call back the power of my Soul to its rightful place within me, and I call it back now.’
***Tip: You have to MEAN IT. There must be WILL and COMMAND behind this decree. Wimpy, wimperson is not going to work here!

Step #2 – Release the things that dis-empower you.

Are you working in an environment that sucks the life out of you? Do you have a friendship or relationship that drains you? Is there a habit or belief that you know you are using as a distraction from doing something you are being called to do? Are you carrying a grudge? Do you need to forgive someone? Do you spend a lot of time worrying about the future or sniping about the past?

Add to your meditation, “I completely release and forgive all things that are not in my highest good. I let go of all fear, judgment, guilt, shame and unworthiness. I willingly surrender all aspects of myself, known and unknown that keep me from my power and return them to the light. I do this all with complete awareness and acceptance. Thank you.”

Repeat this mantra as many times as you wish and feel free to add whatever has meaning, value or importance to you. You may or may not notice an immediate shift in energy while in your meditation, but as you go about your day, pay attention to what you DO become aware of as the energy begins to shift and make its self known to you. (It may take several days for you to notice the change, but I promise, if you stay committed you will notice things happening soon enough)

Step #3 – Realize that transformation happens on the inside first.

In order to see things manifest, heal or change in your outer world, you must take full and complete responsibility for your inner world first.  Health, Money, Relationships, Greater Intuitive Wisdom will come with less effort when you use your Spiritual Power to transform your SELF rather than your Physical Power to try to make things happen on the external level. There is a saying that goes, “We do not pray to change God. We pray to change ourselves.”

This is the true meaning of Alchemy. This is the Power that turns Lead into Gold.


Just like any meaningful relationship, our partnership with our Spiritual Power is deeply intimate and multifaceted. As you become more comfortable and familiar with this new degree of power you will notice changes happening within yourself that no amount of hard work or mental processing could have ever produced. You will also notice, as the relationship progresses that the dynamics, the responses to your requests and the ease with which change happens are amplified as well.

When you claim your Power you become more peaceful, more engaged, more connected and more joyful regardless of what is happening around you. Intuition and Wisdom, Confidence and Courage become your trademark. Resolutions become unnecessary, because there is nothing that you lack, or wish to change.

When you claim your Spiritual Power, you begin to dance with your Soul. It will be there at home in the arms of your True Self that you will discover no more rewarding or loving partnership and it has been there the whole time simply waiting for you to call.